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Dear Eric! We are working on a project in which the relication concept of the database is playing a key role. In this process we have done some practicals in our local office on the replication concept. We are not DBA's and so we have followed the manuals we got. We have successfully replicated the database by creating the publisher and the distributor on one server and the subscriber on another server, but later our network administrator informed us that the various replications we have created on our servers are occupying much RAM of the servers gradulally. He informed us when the replications are created then no impact was there on the RAM but as the time passed by into days after we created the replications, those replications occupied much of ram which may lead to system crash and so he stopped all the publications and replications and he noticed that the RAM usage was normal again. So i would like to request you to give us information regarding this problem. We want to go online with our project but if this problem exists then we have to llok for an alternate solution. We have used the merge replication between our servers.

I would greatly appreciate your help in this.

Regards, Satish Komali.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2002


Hi Satish,

I am SQL Server DBA and have been using Replication (SnapShot/Transaction Based) for some time. I guess I need to know how big is the database (size, no. of objects etc.).Also what o/s version/sp you are running SQL server... Also how the Server is configured I mean is it PDC/BDC (assuming NT4.0) and what other system/applications are configured and running... So basically you have to review lots of information and make some decisions...What about the network thruput ????

At out environment we have a reasonably large database but our SQL SQL Server is a DEDICATED SQL SERVER box and we have replciation to more than one sites and currently we are in the process of using FILTER (Horizontal Partition) based replication...

So untill I know all the information, it would be difficult for me or some one else possibly identify the problem..

If you wish you can call me at 1-800-891-7727 ext. 4849

Kamal Hassan Database Consultant MD Robotics Toronto, Ontario (905) 790-2800 ext. 4849

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2002

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