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Does anyone know when the last trains operated on the SCL between Cheraw, SC and Wadesboro, NC? The line was ex ACL, but old maps show it survived until SCL. Also, when was the line pulled up? Thanks in advance.

-- Bryan Russell (, February 14, 2002


This line was mostly used as a through route for trains coming off the winston-salem southbound. The SCL built a new connection track somewhere between 1977-1979 so that WSSB trains could go directly into Hamlet yard via Wadesboro instead of going all the to Cheraw. The abandonment request I have is dated 1979 and the line was pulled up for what I understand in 1980. It may have remained dormant for a couple of years after that.

-- richard lea (, May 20, 2002.

Bryan, this branch was known in 1978 as the Wadesboro subdivision, Florence Division. It was originally chartered in S.C. as the Cheraw and Darlington. It was extended to Wadesboro after the civil war. S.C.L. employee timetable for October 29 1978 shows train 545 (local freight ) Wadesboro to Florence, and its counterpart, 546, Florence/Wadesboro on a daily schedule. Also 525, 539, 540, and 526 were scheduled between Floyd and Florence. The next timetable shows this line as the Darlington subdivision, with trains 525, 539, 540, and 526 scheduled only between Florence and Floyd. ( Time Table # 8, April 29, 1979 ). The line from Floyd to Wadesboro had completely disappeared from S.C.L. timetables by October 31, 1982.

-- Steve Kamp (, March 04, 2002.

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