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I had a very interesting luncheon meeting this afternoon with some friends and business associates. In this group were two people that have shown in the past to be in possession of ‘leading edge’ information, from many sectors.

They claim to have heard that Al Gore may join the Bush team in some as yet to be named capacity and this could happen very soon.

They said that Gore, in a public speech this week, made some complimentary remarks about the job that GWB has done and went on to agree that Saddam must be removed from power……using any means at our disposal.

Personally, my beef with Gore had more to do with his ties to Clinton, but his recent transformations (physical & political) have put him in a new light.

Stay tuned…….

-- So (, February 13, 2002


I suspect he may get a chance to get involved in this plan. Even though Dubya is and idiot when it comes to global warming and Gore knows it, an opportunity to do something would be better than doing nothing.

Bush to Unveil Global Warming Plan Wed Feb 13, 2:40 PM ET

By Adam Entous

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush (news - web sites) will unveil his plan to combat global warming on Thursday, seeking gradual reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases in lieu of the tough mandatory cuts under the U.N.-backed Kyoto treaty that he rejected last year, sparking global anger.

The White House would not discuss details of what spokesman Ari Fleischer (news - web sites) on Wednesday called Bush's "new policy, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world, led by the United States," which ranks as the world's biggest polluter.

But Bush's proposal was expected to mirror the recommendations of his Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), which called for setting a "reasonable, gradual" goal of slowing U.S. emissions of greenhouse gasses and for linking emission targets to economic output.

Carbon emissions from gasoline, coal and other fossil fuels are blamed for trapping heat in the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. Warmer temperatures could sharply alter weather patterns and raise ocean levels.

Last year Bush rejected the Kyoto treaty, saying its emission reductions would be too costly for the U.S. economy. The treaty set a target for the United States to reduce emissions by about 7 percent below 1990 levels within a decade. Bush also complained that too many developing nations like China and India were exempt under Kyoto.

His rejection of the treaty stirred global anger that the United States was unwilling to do its share to try to head off global warming.

But Bush, in an attempt to answer critics, directed his Cabinet to come up with alternatives. Since then the already-weak U.S. economy was jolted by the Sept. 11 attacks.

Under the approach outlined last week in a report by Bush's Council of Economic Advisers, a modest U.S. emissions goal could help improve the environment "without putting the economy at risk." It said emission reduction targets could be indexed to economic output or other measures of economic activity.

Global climate change experts have questioned linking emissions reductions to output, saying it was tantamount to proposing continuous increases in U.S. emissions of heat-trapping gases and would not solve the problem.

Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords, an independent who heads the Senate Environment committee, warned the administration against proposing a plan that does not hold electricity producers responsible for achieving "real reductions" in carbon dioxide emissions.

"Anything that falls short of these goals will be a disappointment to me and environmentalists across the nation," Jeffords said on Wednesday.


In addition to linking emission cuts to economic output, Bush's economic advisers said the government must help firms track emissions and encourage cost-effective ways of cutting them.

For example, a pilot program could be developed to measure greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration. Sequestration involves using large areas of land or ocean to capture, store or reuse carbon emissions.

Bush's economic advisers criticized proposals for a worldwide tax on greenhouse gas emissions or a global tradable permit system as a "distraction" from developing more realistic measures.

They backed a domestic market-based trading program to encourage U.S. power plants to cut emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury and carbon dioxide. The pollutants have been linked to health ailments and acid rain.

Jeffords said he would delay until Easter a bill to tighten limits of emissions of the four pollutants. Jeffords wants to cut each by at least 75 percent.

The Bush administration, however, has sided with industry's call for a market-oriented approach.

Instead of tougher rules, Bush's advisers said Congress should adopt tradable permits and tradable performance standards for companies to achieve the same pollution cuts.

-- (good@luck.Al), February 13, 2002.

Gore has been making supportive statements about Bush's handling of foreign policy.

Of course Gore is part of the CFR/NWO conspiracy too.

-- (, February 13, 2002.

A back door Gore? Would appreciate the guy's intellect on enviornmental matters but he's tied so throughly to DNC mantra on the subject that I doubt he could break and get elected dog catcher. Pity most of his sincere concern got warped by the Clintonese penchant for day vote chasing.

-- Carlos (, February 14, 2002.


"but his recent transformations (physical & political) have put him in a new light"

This has me curious, are you referencing the beard? How would that change your opinion and if so why?

As far as the political transformation, maybe I need to be updated, has he changed anything so drastically that he is some kind of a reborn poitician? Personally, I doubt it and would be very cautious. Almost everything Iv'e ever heard from him was way wacky and that's saying alot coming from moi.

-- capnfun (, February 14, 2002.

Beware the Trojan horse eh cappy? Won't disagree.

-- Carlos (, February 14, 2002.

Yes Cap, the beard and his overall demeanor. I’m not sure that Gore was ever allowed to be his own man while the Clinton stooge carnival was doing the barking. His growing of the beard reminds me of the things we ALL have done at one time or another to rebel against the tide.

As for the ‘political’ transformation, I offer as proof the fact that Gore has allegedly had zero contact with the Clinton’s and other members of the Trailer Trash Troops from days gone past.

A Trojan Horse?

There is not a living Democrat that would have any success in fooling the Bush team, IMHO. Bringing Gore into the fold would be a clever move for TPTB.

-- So (, February 14, 2002.

"There is not a living Democrat that would have any success in fooling the Bush team, IMHO."

You're right, the repugs are much better in the deception department.

-- lol (repugs betrayed by their own @ enron. scam), February 14, 2002.

Did you like the cheese?

-- So (, February 14, 2002.

I dunno Soc,

It plays to me like he found out being a regular person or more like the perception of it is a better road to the political aspirations he has, thus the move back to Tn, the beard and the movement away from the elitists and the washington scene.

I say this because IMO that is the only thing that lost him the election. (though I know someone will chime in and say the courts etc did.) I think it was a very calculated move designed to repaint Al as a man from America's heartland or as he will probably say a 'smart good ol' boy' and to get rid of that silverspoon label.

A person doesn't say the say the things he has said and then all of a sudden become this other person, esp in the politcal world.

Excuse the cynicism but if it smells like a fish then chances are it ain't a rock : )

-- capnfun (, February 15, 2002.


-- capnfun (, February 15, 2002.

Socrappy farted back there and he's trying to blame it on someone else.

-- (Socrappy@sliced.cheese), February 15, 2002.

I think the beard is a way for him to get back to being a person again. I don't think he's done it for political gains (even though it may give him an advantage in the end) but for personal. I think that after he lost such a hard race for him, he did lots of soul searching. The devestating effect from the lose made him look at himself more objectively, taking a hint from the late show comedy routines. So I believe there's a true change in him personally which will affect the politics he plays in the future. I also still think his ideas on the environment need a toning down. If that comes with his transformation, great. And if Bush does bring him into the fold then he'll have to maintain some controls on those Gore wacky notions.

-- Maria (, February 15, 2002.

Yeah, he lost a tough race. Fact is he lost the election because he could not carry his home state, Tn. The people there feel so distant from him, he's the silverspooner who rolls into town for a good ol' boy photo op. People there know he's not one of them and him hanging out in Tn for awhile and growing a beard will not make him one of them.

I will say this for the good people of Tn, most of them were not duped into believing that he was anything but what he is, a Washington silverspoon, elitist that knows better how to run your life than you do. I know Tennesseans and Al Gore is no Tennessean.

-- capnfun (, February 15, 2002.

The expression "hook-up" has certain implications. Al, for Tipper's sake, please be careful.

-- (, February 15, 2002.


The ‘cheese’ question was directed at our resident mutant, LOL.

Trap + Cheese = Rodent

Get the picture?

Hope all is well with you in FL…..drop me an E sometime.

Best Regards

-- So (, February 15, 2002.

Want to agree w/ Maria but can't overlook cappy's first hand look at the guy. Gonna go w/ Maria on this one cappy. Belive the guy has a good long look enviorwise and perhaps, just perhaps, could bring that to the table w/o pol shit gettin in the way. Ya know, the guy got burried on his VP ride but he ain't a dummy. He's never gonna be president. If his convictions can rise above politics he might find himself the mover he wanted to be.

-- Carlos (, February 16, 2002.

That's quite allright Carlos, I wouldn't hold it against ya.

But....... I do not understand how in the hell anyone thinks that all of a sudden these people change the color of their hide. So, if I shave my beard, take the earings out and start wearing polo shirts and kakhis I am a different feller? That's BS in the 1st degree. If ya wanna believe it go ahead, me, I'll put my faith in people who at least have proven not to have been a willing part of the machine and who have not been of the politicaly wacky variety.

Gore was visible for what he was, it just took country people to point it out to the astute crowd. {giggle, giggle}

-- capnfun (, February 16, 2002.

No, no cappy. LOL. The beard and nifty countrystyle shirts might be a revision based on revulsion of both the demo charade on envior concerns and politics in general. Gonna give him that chance. Read today that if everyone on the planet consumed at the pace we do we'd need 4 more earth type planets to supply the materials.

-- Carlos (, February 17, 2002.

I think if ol' Al wanted to show his revulsion he would have maybe put on a Dead T-shirt, shorts, sandals, pierced his ears and let his hair grow. He might start as well by disavowing the "system", becoming a Libertarian and telling us what really goes on in the hush-hush, dirty little world of Washington.

Then, I might consider giving this "new leaf" proposition some credence.

-- capnfun (, February 17, 2002.

Maybe he just got tired of shaving.

-- LOL (Fun @ with. Repugs), February 17, 2002.

Capn, If you shaved and changed your clothing style, then yes, I'd have to believe that you somehow changed your outlook on life. Our outward appearances do tell a lot about our inner selves. Gaw 'head, try it. Try to change your outward appearance for just a few days. Bet you couldn't wear those polo shirts for longer than three hours. I would even bet that just thinking about those clothes makes you cringe.

Of course, lots of people can change their outward appearances (Madonna has done it gazillions of times) but for most of us, it's almost impossible. IMO changing your look indicates a change in your mental attitude.

Now try to imagine Hillary wearing black leather pants and halter top, straddling a motor cycle. She'd only do it if her publicist told her it would get more votes.

-- Maria (, February 19, 2002.


I have cut my hair (damnit!!!)(and NO I won't ditch the beard!!!) and I do have to occassionaly have to wear the dreaded kakhis and polo type shirt but I am still the same animal deep down inside, or hell, for that matter I still can't be someone else, just listen to the accent and some of the things that come out of my mouth ; ) You are absolutely correct, they do make me cringe, beyond imagination.

I'd say ol' Hillary dresses like that about every other weekend, just fer shits and giggles whilst havin' fun with the gals.

Changing your look can mean lots of things to different people for different reasons. In Al's case I am still pessimistic and would be very cautious giving him any leeway. To be fair it's not just Al, any mainstream politician who does an about face deserves more scrutiny and inspection of those motives.

-- capnfun (, February 19, 2002.

Now try to imagine Hillary wearing black leather pants and halter top, straddling a motor cycle.

Maria, for the love of God...

-- helen (wheres@my.bucket?), February 19, 2002.

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