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Hi all,

Any off you tried the casoli rework of standard cans? believe it costs 320 Did you also run a chip, or leave engine mangment standard? Last but not least, did you choose an anodized finish, and what was it like?

all feedback is grately appreciated Cheers

-- paul higham (, February 13, 2002


Yes, I had the exhaust + chip with anodised silver finish(my bike is all silver). Makes bike sound much much better, supposed to increase power but i dont know as mine had exhausts + chip from new. However it DOES WEAKEN the end can rigidity (I had one fall off) make sure they are done properly and then there fine. best of luck Peter

-- (, February 15, 2002.

Are you guys talking about removing the baffeling from the stock system? I've been tempted to try this as the CRC system looks exactly like the stock system with the baffels removed. I'm sure a chip would be need to make it run properly as I'm sure it would be too lean after the removal. Has anyone tried to remove the baffeling and just used the stock chip? What happened? Does anyone know where to purchase a chip that would work with the stock system with the baffeling removed. Thanks. I like the look of the stock system and would like to keep it.

-- Sean Edwards (, February 20, 2002.

The casoli exhaust is the stock exhaust with the baffles removed + chip to make it run properly, also polishes up the exhausts to make the standard design look even better.

-- peter (, February 20, 2002.

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