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I am doing research on second generation diesels with high short hoods. Am looking for all time rosters from Southern, N&W, and NS. I definitely want to know the dispositions. I am also looking for rosters from Mexican railroads that purchased high short hoods for passenger service plus second hand high short hoods that went to regionals. I understand this is a big list, but if several people give me a few sources, it sould help.

Thank you so much!

-- Jack Grasso (JACKGP20@aol.com), February 12, 2002


Hello Jack Grasso; a good web site to search for your info is, Heber valley rr . org It has several places to search. The best is "rails usa" ( good for museums acros the usa) and the other is on the right side of the menu. I think it's rail stuff, any way there's a lot of info there. Hope this help's. rdc

-- Robert Daniel Caswell (rdc southern@aol.com), February 24, 2002.

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