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Population seems to be dwindling here. Flora, Eve, Debra, Futureshock, J, Rich, Tarzan---are you lurking? Who else has left the room?

Come on down!

-- (lars@indy.net), February 12, 2002


We have assassinated the fascist scum J. You are next.

-- (Repug traitors@the.wall), February 12, 2002.

Forget those losers, we need to hear more from Anita.

J was too chickenshit to give Unk his address so he never came over. He's a super-paranoid, carries a concealed weapon everywhere he goes.

-- (the pugs @ are. ashamed), February 12, 2002.

Flint, you still here?

-- (roland@hatemail.com), February 13, 2002.

Mayhaps if we opened up the bar on Friday we could lure some of the reg's in for a nip or two : )

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), February 13, 2002.

A more interesting question to me is, am I really here? Evidence would suggest not.

-- Little Nipper (canis@minor.net), February 13, 2002.

Why ya say that LN?

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), February 13, 2002.

Well hey I'm here for happy hour, I'll have a stoly's rocks, and hey where the heck is everyone? Pass the peanuts please. =)

-- (cin@cin.cin), February 13, 2002.

I'll have a margarita on the rocks. Here's the peanuts, cin. How 'bout some real munchies? Let's order nachos and quesadillas and I haven't had lunch yet!

-- Maria (anon@ymous.com), February 14, 2002.

How about some Cajun shrimp, wings and for you Cin a veggie tray?

Another bucket O beer too please!

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), February 14, 2002.

Fajita chicken quesadillas for me please, and

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

-- Pammy (pamela_sue57@hotmail.com), February 14, 2002.

Hey, I'll have some of those hot wings capn! And maybe some nice crawdads or boiled shrimp! Pass the cocktail sauce, heavy on the fresh horseradish please! And perhaps a bit of bleu cheese dressing for my HOT wings!

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), February 14, 2002.

What DID happen to Flint?

I know he made the transition to this place when Unk moved it. Did he go away?

-- Stephen (smpoole7@bellsouth.net), February 14, 2002.

Flint has been posting at Dennis' board.

-- (guess@he.likes them better), February 14, 2002.

I am here sometimes...

sometimes not... (snicker)

Other times I am here part of the time, and other times not...

Most of the time I am here most of the time, but most times not.


I am here NOW.

But won't be here later...

Chasin' the cat...

The Dog

-- The Dog (dogdesert@hotmail.com), February 14, 2002.

I reckon I'll see ya then, even though I didn't just see ya now..... ; )

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), February 15, 2002.

I am the echo

Out on the moon

The silent hello

A distant rune.

We brush our words

On canvas of light

Staccato birds

Feeding in flight.

Who is here?

Where is where?

Behind your mind

We still lurk there.

Empty mirror full of face

Reunite in formless space.

-- Oxy (Oxsys@aol.com), February 21, 2002.

Very cool Oxy...

I am temporarily here, as my schedule has been brutalized today by cancellation from all sides, and will be here for a time, but not long.

Machinations of real life have definitely dampened the virtual life.

Chasin' my tail...

The Dog

-- The Dog (dogdesert@hotmail.com), February 21, 2002.

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