goats and sheep (little black ticks)

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how do you get rid of the little black ticks that are on the goats/sheeps (there is some young too) does have 1 llama and also can they be in the haylofts or in the old hay etc. and can they drop from ceilings, haylofts above in barns onto your heads etc./ or can they get on you buy carrying and handling the animals. are they the same as the one in swampy lands and on deer etc. how does a person get rid of them. and also if one gets on you? thanks have a small farm and want to get rid of them shear the sheep?

-- S.Bartole (susan_b24@hotmail.com), February 12, 2002


You don't say In what aria you live in but in SW mo. The deer ticks didn't freeze out this winter and I still get them on me when I go into the woods. I would ask your vet,or You might get ginnies this spring. I tried that and Have only had one survive more than a year as they are eaten by racoons, Coyottes, or owls no matter where they roost or how old they are. I live in an area with a lot of wildlife. also the only way to get them to stay home is to raise them there. That will take a while before you can see results.

-- Corky Wolf (corkywolf@hotmail.net), February 12, 2002.

We have had great success getting rid of ticks by having a flock of guineas patrol the property. Guineas are wonderful tick-eaters.

-- Liz Rhein (merhein@shentel.net), February 12, 2002.

These may be an external parasite known as keds. Use a dip that is poured along the animal's back. Most effective after shearing sheep. Can be purchased from any stock supply catalouge, like Omaha Vaccine, Jeffers, Sheepmans Supply etc. Bon Chance!

-- LLV (vadas@nfdc.net), February 12, 2002.

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