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I exposed a roll of Kodak tmz 3200 and tried to develop it in tmax developer which did not turn out (AAHHHH!). How the instructions read is that you do NOT dilute the dev. for 3200. It reads that you dilute 1:4 for working strength when using for tmax 100 or 400 but not for 3200. The bottle I have is Tmax developer (concentrate) 25.6fl oz or 757 ml to make 1 gallon or 3.8 litres of working strength. Working strength being what you use for 100 or 400 ASA. On the Kodak website it has no dilutions either for tmax 3200. It has at 20 degrees develop for 11.5 mins, thats it, no dilutions. My understanding and how the instructions read is too pour the developer straight from the bottle without any dilutions (and dilute 1:4 if using 100 or 400 ASA). Either they are vague instructions for 3200 or i'm not getting something !!!!!!!

Ta Adrian.

-- ade (, February 11, 2002


Hi There, the massive Dev Chart, calls for 9.5 min for 3200 with a 1:4 dilution!!!

Kodak should be roundly thrashed for not putting instructions for TMZ on the label of the bottle.

Better luck next time.


-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, February 12, 2002.

I agree, the fact that Kodak could not be bothered after all these years to put T-Max 3200 instructions on the bottle is too arrogant. Tad, there are instructions printed on the inside of the cardboard containers in which T-Max 3200 is packaged. However, they are so faint that I have to use the loupe to read them. So, do dilute 1:4 the next time.

Good Luck!


-- Christian Harkness (, February 12, 2002.

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