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Look at this picture and tell me the front end doesn't have references to the front end of the MV Agusta F4!

(Looking at the way Rossi is smoking the back tire, you'd think he was Scott Russell...)


-- Andy R (, February 11, 2002


Well everyone is influenced by something...the Hayabusa people were saying this about the F4.

I think the RC112V looks like a beast. The rider rides on it not with it. Although it is the #1 contender for GP1, it can't be all that bad.

I wish MV would focus on racing instead of trying to produce road going models they cannot produce or meet demand on. Rossi will be free in 2004, an Italian on an MV?! Biaggi, Capirossi wouldn't be that bad either. MV in GP1, bring back the heritage!

-- mod (, February 12, 2002.

NO Kidding!! Racing is where the MV name belongs. When a fast looking sportbike has no racing pedigree it hardly has any credibility. Remember the Moto Guzzi RS1100? I actually thought about buying one but since there was no racing to back it up it just seemed kind of stupid. If money is the issue than how can teams like MZ and KTM be putting together prototypes for GP1 as we speak. Cagiva's pockets are a bit deeper than MZ and KTM combined and they stand to gain much more than someone like KTM especially.

-- Sean Edwards (, February 12, 2002.

I have to agree... and still waiting to see our lovely MV racing and passing other manufactures and wheele to the finish line.

I believe once MV is on the track either in WSB or GP-1.... i am sure it will imporve so much in their R&D... not to mention the end product for us.

Guess would be like Bernnlly (sorry..can`t spell the name..but, you know what i am talking about). 900 Tornado. Spend some time at the WSB before the production bike is sold to anyone. I am sure this year when it start delivering the bikes, it will have lots of changes done from their experance along with the time they spend in WSB. Than maybe this year or next you will see the Tornado in the top 10 to top 5.

I guess ppl in MV just want to wait untile they could just WIN on their first year... however, they forget once simple fact.... its garentees when it comes to racing....

Can`t wait to see MV in i could have a team to cheer on..ever since Foggy retire..... he he he those surely are some great years...

ken 01 F4s Japan

-- ken (, February 25, 2002.

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