Homemade Cottage Cheese

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makes 2 pounds

1 gallon skim non-fat milk
1/2 cup cultured buttermilk
1/4 cup heavy cream

Mix together milk and buttermilk in a heat proof bowl. Cover and let stand at room temperature until it smells slightly sour and has clabbered resembling pudding. This will take a day or two.

Fill a 6 quart kettle with cold tap water. Place on burner. Set bowl of milk in to it; double boiler style. Heat the kettle very gradually until pudding like curds form with a whitish liquid the way rising above it. During this time up to 1 hour; the water must not boil and the milk must not be stirred. When curds are well formed remove bowl from heat. Pour off way in to smaller bowl. Taste whey; if you prefer not to drink it discard it. Line a colander with several thickness' of damp cheesecloth. Place an 8 inch pan underneath colander. Pour in curds and press out excess way with a large spoon. Gather up the cloth around the curds; take it to the sink and twist to squeeze out more way. Rinse the wrapped curds under cold water. Then squeeze again. Wash the large heat proof bowl and turn the curds in to it. Mash with a fork. Work in just enough of the heavy cream to hold the curds together. Add salt to taste. You may shape the cottage cheese in to balls the size of oranges if desired. You may also add chopped green onions to cottage cheese before shaping in to balls. Store cottage cheese in the refrigerator or store cottage cheese balls on a serving platter in the refrigerator until serving time. from The Little House On The Prairie Cookbook

-- Marie (prettyhollow@yahoo.com), February 11, 2002


hi, i've been looking for a more simple homemade cottage cheese receipe that i made years ago. i put a strainer in a pan,then maybe heated the milk in the pan (?) and then i poured vinagar over the milk and it turned to curds. do you know of anything like this??? please send me an email letting me know if or if not that your know of this or where i might find such information. thankyou! shirley

-- shirley mcfarland (smcf1234@hotmail.com), October 23, 2003.

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