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Who was the "Nancy Hanks" train named for? This train ran from Atlanta through Macon to Savannah, Georgia.

-- David Zimmerman (, February 11, 2002


The train was named "Nancy Hanks" after a bay mare that held the world mile trotting record. The mare herself was named after Abraham Lincoln's mother.

Additional details are posted at the following link on the Central of Georgia Historical Society Web site:

Nancy Hanks

Ron. Wright

-- Ron Wright (, February 11, 2002.

As Ron stated the train was named for Abe Lincoln's mother. She was from Honea Path, South Carolina

-- Ralph E. Campbell (, February 13, 2002.

The train's actual name was Nancy Hanks II and, like Central of Georgia's Man O' War was named after a horse.

-- Jim Dempsey (, December 28, 2003.

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