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I would love to begin a sourdough starter. When I was in San Fran. awhile back I got a book that came with a packet of dry starter. Can you make a true sourdough in a bread machine? It seems to me that because true sourdough raises slower than yeast breads a machine might not work, even on a longer setting. Anyone have experience with a true sourdough (no additional yeast added)in a bread machine?

Thanks, Susan

-- Susan in Minnesota (, February 11, 2002


Bread machines are not programmed for long enough rise times. However, you can make a sourdough bread using starter plus yeast but it will not have the flavor of traditional sourdough.

Many use their bread machines to mix, knead, dough then finish the traditional way and bake in the oven.

Go to , select from menu for "Recipe Bin" and look for sourdough recipes in the Bread Machine area.


-- Marie (, February 11, 2002.

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