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I can't get the Foodsaver to pull a vacuum on the wide bags. Anybody else have this problem and a solution?

-- Rose (, February 10, 2002


does it work on the smaller bags? If so,, then you have a hole/leak in the wide bag. If your not getting a seal on either,, check to make sure its vaccuming at all,, try the outer attachments. Make sure its lined up correctly and such. Quick thought,, you DO have one end of the bag sealed,,yes? Might try to "reseal" the one end,,I had a seal melt thru once,, and wouldnt vaccum

-- Stan (, February 10, 2002.

narrow bags work fine, jar sealer works fine.

have tried adjusting how much is in the machine, etc.

will check the bottom seal, but they are manufactured bags, not home made ones.

-- Rose (, February 10, 2002.

if you know the machine is making vaccum on the other things,, then it isnt the machines fault,, something is wrong with the bags. My bags come in a roll,, and the seal you make to close it,, is the bottom seal for the next bag,,are you using the correct bags? Cant be just any plaistic bags,, has to be the "special" ones

-- Stan (, February 11, 2002.

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