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Crochet Thread Holder

1. 1" board about 5" x 7 1/4"

2. 1/8" metal rod about 13 1/3" long

3. Drill 1/8" hole thru one end narrow end of board, in center, about 1" from edge.

4. Measure metal rod to about 10".

5. Bend metal rod to form an "L".

6. At about 2 1/2" of short part of "L", bend down and form a "U".

7. Put metal rod into hole in board flush with bottom of board.

8. Purchase a "double swivel fish hook thing, has circles on each end with elongated bead between, both ends swivel.

9. Use coathanger wire or strong piano wire about 7 1/2" long.

10. Bend wire around a pencil to form a circle.

11. wire will now be long and straight with a circle in middle.

12. Bend wires down until they form a "V", 1 1/4" at wide part of "V".

13. Hold "V" shaped wire with circle at top and hanging down.

14. About 1/2" from end bend wire on left to the left. Bend wire on the right to the right.

15. Thread fish hook swivel circle onto "V" shaped wire up to the top.

16. Squeeze "V" shaped wire a little and insert into middle of crochet ball and let the 1/2" bended out wires rest against the upper 1/3 part of inside of ball of thread.

17. Place other fish hook circle over "U" shape end of 1/8" metal rod.

You are now ready to crocthet to your heart's content and thread will swivel around as thread comes off. No more chasing ball of thread.

This Crochet Thread Holder may be rubberband fastened to the Tomato Cage Stand for convenience or placed on a table near chair.

You may also purchase this ready made from some sewing craft magazines for about $28.

-- Marie (, February 10, 2002

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