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Drivers in CN are not allowed license plates that contain these letter combinations.

Can you think of any creative combinations that might help our CN brethren express themselves? Looks like six letter/numbers is the max.

-- (, February 10, 2002



-- (Osama Al Qaqa @ camp.X Ray), February 10, 2002.

Jeeezuz, what a bunch of fascists! Looks like they studied their Freedom of Speech guidelines at the John Ashcroft Scool of Democracy.

-- (, February 10, 2002.

How can you say that? Connecticut is one of the "blue" states!

-- (Algernon C. Braithewate III @ Cambridge.MA), February 10, 2002.

Not any more, looks like Dubya's Nazis are gonna make them sorry they were blue.

-- (facists@taken.control), February 10, 2002.

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