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I am a new user - I was given some VCD`s today and tried to copy them in Adaptec on vatious 700 mb CD-R`s and was told the files on the VCD`s exceeded the file size of my CD-R`s. I looked at the properties of these VCD`s and the mpegav Dat file alone was over 720 mb, but what I dont understand all these VCD`s I had were copied on a Phillips 650 mb CD. How do you do this? Mike

-- Mike John (, February 09, 2002


You won't like this, but you need to stop using EZ CD Creator if you want to copy the discs. Try something like Nero ( instead. The problem is that VCD uses a special file format that makes use of areas on the disc that are normally reserved for error correction and redundancy in audio CD or standard CD-ROM formats and can not be used to store data in those formats. VCD can write to these areas of the disc, which gives it greater storage ability. Your version of EZ CD Creator is stupid (well, they all are) and thinks that you are copying a standard CD-ROM, which of course will not fit on your CD-R. If it was able to recognize that you wanted to copy VCD, it would be able to do it with no problem. All versions of EZ CD Creator are buggy and none support overburning. The failure to support overburning alone is enough of a reason to stop using it. The actual storage capacity for VCD of a 700 MB CD-R is actually somewhere pretty close to 800 MB, but your software thinks you want to copy a CD-ROM that somehow is 720 MB in size to a CD-R that will only hold 700 MB in CD-ROM format, so that's why it fails. I hope I explained that well enough. Whoever copied the VCDs to Philips brand CD-Rs obviously did not use EZ CD Creator.

-- Jason (, February 11, 2002.

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