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This weekend I've been doing a little testing of TMX (35mm). I normally shoot HP5+ or Tri-X but I'm looking for something with a little less grain for some shots and TMX seemed like a reasonable choice, especially since it gets a lot of praise for sharpness and fine grain.

Since the developers I keep on hand are HC-110 and Rodinal, those are the ones I used.

Based on the standard 0.1 above base+fog for the speed point, I'm seeing a speed of around 50 for TMX and even that may be slightly optimistic! (HC-110 @1:43, 7m @ 20C; Rodinal @1:50, 15m @ 20C)

I know you're going to suggest I try XTOL and Tmax developer but I don't have either on hand (and my past experience with XTOL hasn't been good - which I why I don't have it around!). I do have Microphen which I guess I'll try next.

I'd be interested in comments from other on what THEY rate TMX at and in what developer (time and temp).

I'd really like to find a fine grain film I can rate at 100 (or even 200) and still process at home without C-41 chemistry. Going to larger format isn't an option at the moment since I scan to print and I don't have MF scanning capability.

-- Bob Atkins (, February 09, 2002


I rate TMX at 100 in Microphen 1+1 or 1+2 processed at 25C.

These days I mostly use my formula (found in past thread here or on my home page) for TMX also rated at EI of 100/21. I get noticeably sharper images this way than in Microphen.

If you want to try somewhat simplified way to similar effect, try D-76 1+4 with additional borax.

HC-110 does not seem to produce apparent sharpness with TMX no matter how you dilute it. If you want smeared metallic feeling, it's useful though.

-- Ryuji Suzuki (, February 09, 2002.

Bob I think you're in the ballpark with EI 50 especially since neither of those developers are "speed" developers. Try adding 10g/L sodium sulfite to your Rodinal working solution; you may get back 1/3 to 2/3 stops or at least it'll be a solid EI 50, not iffy. Otherwise try D-76/ID-11; I use 18'/68F for D-76H 1:3 intermittent and 13'45"/68F D-76H 1:3 rotary.

I'd strongly suggest you try Delta 100 in D-76 1:1, 12'/68F intermittent or 7'50"/68F rotary, EI 100.

-- John Hicks (, February 10, 2002.

I got good results with TMX and Rodinal at 100, but the grain was excessive. Other developers didn't give the apparent sharpness I wanted. Xtol was OK, but had a low Dmax. Try some FP4+ or some Plus-X in your favorite general purpose developer and you might be pleasently surprised.

-- Conrad Hoffman (, February 10, 2002.

Try Verichrome Pan before they take it off the market. I get the full EI of 125 in PMK.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, February 10, 2002.

TMX, EI64, Xtol (stock), 9minutes @ 70F

as I remember, Delta 100 was faster with more grain. FP4+ might be a wise choice. my studies were with 4x5 films, and oddly enough, I found they seemed quite different than the 135 films. my favourite general film is TMY (TMax 400) EI250 (Xtol) for 120, but 135 was a disappointment. once I had invested the energies into honing TMax films I lost interest in most everything else. admittedly, my objectives were densitives conducive to scanning only.

-- daniel taylor (, February 10, 2002.

In a newer Jobo CPE-2+ (that runs at 75 rpm), at 75 degrees F, for 6 min. 15 sec. in Ilfosol-S 1:14, based on the standard 0.1 above base+fog, EI 100. Speed determined using a Zone VI modified Pentax digital spot meter. The sharpest, most even and grain-free negatives I've been able to reliably produce. In roll sizes, only minimal yellow color of negative densities above 0.9, unlike Xtol which, when it does work, yields "stoplight yellow" negatives that distort scale both with graded and VC papers. Sheet sizes of TMX do have more of the yellow problem with Ilfosol, and I plan to stay with D-76 1:3 for those.

Bob, you said you wanted to stick with the developers you have around, but I strongly urge you to pick up some Ilfosol-S and give it a try. You won't be disappointed. It's a convenient liquid too.

-- Sal Santamaura (, February 10, 2002.

I get an EI of 80 with HC110B. Aren't you getting super thick negs with it shot at 50?

-- Brian McGuiness (, February 12, 2002.

I haven't shot TMX in years, but when I did, I thought it had more shadow speed than films like HP-4 or Plus-X. I was using T-Max or D- 76 at the time. So I don't see why the speed should be any lower than these films.

-- Bob Fleischman (, February 13, 2002.

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