Justice -- American Style by Jeremy Sapienza

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Justice -- American Style by Jeremy Sapienza

"The American Taliban is coming home today to face justice -- American style."

I yell "Oh, shut...the fuck...UP!"

"He fought with the Taliban even as he knew that thousands of Americans were to die on September 11th." Hellooo-ooo! The Taliban did not fly planes into the Twin Towers, Al-Qaeda did. Ain't nobody gonna win a Pulitzer over at WSVN this year.

That's John Walker, the American boy who most likely killed Americans in Aghanistan.

Walker has made his first appearance in court, and said that he understands the charges against him. I'm glad he does, because I sure don't. Here's what I see.

Young man converts to Islam. He goes a bit nutball with it, and moves to Afghanistan to fight with the Taliban to create a perfect, pure Islamic State. He thinks America is evil, and knows about 9/11 ahead of time. 9/11 happens, the US, with no evidence at all as to the Taliban's role, starts bombing the crap out of Afghanistan, killing innocents and destroying what little property is left. The Taliban fights to stay in power. Walker fights with Taliban because he has adopted Afghanistan as his country, and the US is attacking.

Since when is it illegal to defend your country, even an adopted one, against invaders? Is it if you happened to be born in the country that's attacking? Seems like specious reasoning to me, especially considering I know immigrants who have fought against their home country for the US.

Not to mention that the US military would have surely dropped a daisy cutter on Walker's ass if they'd had the chance. Would the responsible parties have been tried for killing an American citizen? Waco tells us no.

The American State is irreproachable, and can do no wrong.

It was said by one of the talking heads in Washington that Walker turned his back on his country, and that now he would pay the price. For the record, I don't disagree that Walker is a criminal. He was fighting to cement in a State that was one of the most oppressive to its subjects in the world. But he's no more criminal than any other brainwashed idiot that kills the innocents of his own and other countries for the glory of his government. Yes, this includes you, US military men. Your government has killed more people around the world than the official statistics of the Establishment say were killed in the German Holocaust.

Innocent, ignorant people. Like in Afghanistan these past few months. You've killed the oppressed and tortured in their own names. How perverse.

John Walker: Islamo-fascist killer.

Members of the US military: Americo-fascist killers.

In the end, what caused 9/11? The Pentagon's little pet slaughtering projects around the globe. Throw in a few billion for the National Socialist Zionist State of Israel to do things to Palestinians that the Germans could never think of, and you've got a billion Muslims that hate America. But this has been done to death, so I digress.

The final word is: if John Walker is punished for his crimes, then every person who has ever been instrumental in the killing of innocents or the strengthening of a State should be punished in exactly the same way.

But since it is States who currently punish, JUSTICE for the murdered innocents of the world will never be done. And the idiot American Jingoists will get the blood they crave.

January 25, 2002

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2002

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