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150 + yrs. old - Amish Everlasting Dough

From a book of Amana Colonies Amish Recipes,1948 publication. Amana Amish Colonies are located in Iowa,not far from DesMoines. "EWIGER HEFENTEIG" (EVERLASTING DOUGH)

(Note-I don't think this is intended to be a starter-more like a quantity of refrigerated dough that's used daily and perhaps part of the dough is saved to start a new dough mixture.Just a guess. Or, it makes a large quanity and will last for several days. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to some of the old recipes.)

1 c. milk, scalded
1 c. potato water
1 potato mashed
1 c. water
1 c. lard, melted
1 c. sugar
2 tsp. salt
1 cake compressed yeast, dissolved
in small amount of water
8 c. flour

Mix first 8 ingredients and two cups flour and beat 5 minutes.
Let rise in a warm place about 2 hours.
Add remaining flour and store in refigerator until ready to use." One recipe following this was for doughnuts:

Roll dough 3/4" thick on lightly floured board, cut out with floured biscuit cutter. Put in warm place to rise until double in bulk. if you have a doughnut cutter, use that)

Press hole through each,drop into hot fat, fry til a golden brown on both sides. Turn only once. Drain on absorbent paper and roll in granulated sugar."

(optional: make glaze with confectioners sugar and water and flavored extract of your choice; paint on hot doughnuts and let cool)

-- Marie (, February 09, 2002

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