Wanted: directions for making a sun bonnet

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Does anyone have directions for making a sun bonnet? I remember a pattern from my grandmother, when I was a small child, that seemed to be just three pieces of cloth, two of which were sewn to create the bill and the cap, and a third was buttoned on as needed for a neck shield. I can no longer remember the sizes, or if I am remembering correctly.

Thanks for your help. Barbara Stancliff in East TX

-- Barbara Stancliff (barbara@netdot.com), February 09, 2002


Here is a Bonnet Pattern, or http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/trailofthe49ers/bonnet.htm

-- BC (desertdweller44@yahoo.com), February 09, 2002.

Gosh Barbara, I've been wondering the same thing, I certainly need one for working in my garden this spring/summer. By the way, where are you in East Texas, we're outside of Winnsboro, 50 miles n.e. of Tyler.

-- Carol in Tx (cwaldrop@peoplescom.net), February 09, 2002.

Seems to me I may have seen a sunbonnet pattern in The Kansas City Star newpaper archives? What a great idea! We sometimes forget all those great ideas from our past. LQ

-- Little Quacker (carouselxing@juno.com), February 09, 2002.

SUN Bonnet?.....What is sun?...signed,DK. Portland,OR.

-- Denver Kessler (kandkprod@hotmail.com), February 14, 2002.

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