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OK, the last 2 weeks have been *SO* stressfull, even WITHOUT the power being off for 3 days due to the ice storm. Now all of the HARD part is done, the problems are all solved, but my newly-turned-eight-year-old son is having his much-awaited sleep over tonight with 5 friends, and I seem to be flat out of inspiration! I KNOW it isn't that hard to keep 8 year old boys busy, but SOME party games will be expected, and I'll be blasted if I can think of a single one! What I DO know is that with all of those boys full of sugar, there will be problems if I let them be idle for even a few minutes! In a pinch I can let them decorate cookies for their consumption, but is that really enough?????

The house is clean, the cake is made, the boys are coming tonight, but for some reason my creativity has gone out to lunch!!!!

-- Terri (, February 09, 2002


Terri, I just put "8 year olds party games" in to google and got 30,300 sites; everything from animal noises to shoe pile scramble, ect., ect.

-- mitch hearn (, February 09, 2002.

Don't suppose you have the big red cubscout book of games and activities? Here's a couple of easy games:

ABC memory game-first boy names a food beginning with a(apple), second boy names a food beginning with b, and the 'a' food, etc.

Charades--make up a bunch of stuff(on slips of paper to be drawn from a hat) the boys can pantamine and have the others guess. (Examples: riding a motorcycle, mowing the lawn, milking a cow..)

Pictionary--a favorite, if you have a chalkboard. Like charades, except the boys have to draw a picture of what the others are to guess (be sure and have the slips for them to draw, and know what they are trying to do, so they don't change it as they go along. lol)

Races--You know, potato on a spoon across the room, then pick up a balloon and keep it in the air coming back, or such like. If you have more than a few boys, you can time them with a stop-watch to find the winner.

Timed obstacle course--can be simple: hopscotch from one point to another, then walk a board, go under chairs, etc.

Guess a word. Make up index cards with a word to have the others guess plus words they can't use to do it. (Example: RAIN Don't say:water, sky, storm)

Whatever you do, follow that old cubscout rule: Keep is Simple, make it fun :)

-- mary (, February 09, 2002.

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