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Estate sales are great places to pick up neat items to use in making crafts. No one seems to be interested in their mother/grandmother's needlework items, buttons, knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, other sewing items or craft items. It is just junk to relatives.

You can find some unique items at these estate sales. Sometimes partially finished projects.

I hope many little old ladies will look down and see all the things I have brought home to love and cherish that they left behind and their family did not want them. I may never use all the knitting needles I have collected but I do treasure them.

One unfinished project I found was the back of a white crochet vest, made up to the armhole area. I used the thread with it and made a beautiful baby blanket.

Sometimes you will find handy containers with pull out drawers for various craft supplies for a song at estate sales.

Turntables for putting on shelves work great for keeping supplies on and easy access. I picked up many of these at estate sales. Little soap and water and they were just fine.

Costume jewelry at estate sales make great craft items.

-- Marie (, February 09, 2002

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