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Baking with a Bread Machine by SAF Yeast

How do I use SAF Yeast in my bread machine? Use SAF Yeast in any bread machine on any cycle. The only time you need to convert quantities is if the recipe calls for Active Dry yeast and you want to use SAF Yeast. Reduce the amount of SAF Yeast by 25%. You can mix the yeast directly in with your dry ingredients.

Can I use SAF Yeast in my regular cycle or can I use it for the rapid cycle? Many bread machine consumers are confused about the rapid cycle on their bread machine. It does not matter what type of yeast you use and what cycle you use it on. The rapid cycle just eliminates one rising cycle from the bread baking process. Rapid Cycle is used when you want to speed up the bread baking proces. SAF Perfect Rise Yeast works perfectly on both regular cycles and rapid cycles.

If using fast acting or quick rise on the basic settings use 1/2 teaspoon per cup of flour.

Fruit juices, beer or purees can be used in place of the liquid called for in a recipe. Measure the liquid ingredients into a glass measuring up. Let your bread cool completely before putting it in a storage bag or container.

Breads with oatmeal tend to stay fresher longer. Oat Bran can be substituted for up to cup of oatmeal called for in a recipe.

Quick Cook Oats or Old Fashioned Oats work best in the bread machine.

Too much garlic in a recipe can cause the bread not to rise. Add garlic with the liquid to limit any contact with the yeast.

Too much cinnamon in a recipe can cause the bread not to rise. Use only teaspoon per cup of flour in a recipe. Choosing a Bread Machine

Why buy a bread machine? A bread machine combines convenience with flexibility. If you enjoy a fresh loaf of bread, but don't have the time or space to bake from scratch, a bread machine is for you. For those with special dietary needs, it is easy to create special recipes without a lot of time and effort.

What does 2-LB mean? Bread machine loaf size is described in lbs.(pounds). This really refers to pan capacity and loaf size, and does not reflect the finished loaf weight. Scratch recipes refer to cups of flour, and the size equivalent to convert your recipe is

2 cups flour = 1 lb 3 cups flour = 1 1/2 lbs 4 cups flour = 2 lbs

To determine your pan size, fill the pan with water and measure it out in cups. If your pan holds less than 10 cups of water, follow the instructions for 1-lb; for a pan holding 11-13 cups of wate instructions for 1 1/2-lb; for more than 13 cups, follow instructions for 2-lb.

What is the difference between the bread type cycles? The bread machine cycles offer you flexibility to optimize you bread characteristics. Each cycle has a specific time and temperature to maximize dough performance. Typically a whole wheat cycle has a longer rise and bake time. For your specific machine cycles, refer to your owner's manual.

How do I know which crust color to select? Bread machine cycles can be picked to control crust color and crispness. If you prefer a soft and light crust, choose a light cycle. For a darker, crisper crust, choose a darker cycle. If your bread recipe has a lot of grains or sweeteners that can cause it to brown quickly, choose a light crust cycle.

How can I guarantee a consistent loaf? Get to know what your bread recipe dough looks like by taking a look at the dough in your machine. Each recipe is unique. Like scratch bread baking, the humidity and temperature of the day can affect loaf performance. If the dough looks too wet, add some flour. Conversely, if it looks too dry, add some more liquid.

What does the ideal loaf of bread look like? Bread is characterized by height, color, crust and texture. A hearth bread may be lower in volume because it is denser, while a white bread may be taller with a more open structure, and a bread made with a robust grain may have a thicker, firmer crust. The choice of recipe and the machine setting you choose can optimize the loaf you desire.

What is the average height of a loaf of bread? There is no standard bread height. There are a variety of pan shapes and sizes that will determine the average height of a loaf. Once you have chosen a machine, work with the recipe that fits your pan size. Unlike traditional baking, the loaf height may or may not reach the top of the pan. If your recipe doesn't bake to a consistent height, check the consistency of the dough. To guarantee a consistent loaf, please check the tip above.

Can I use recipes other than the ones that came with my bread machine? Definitely! Look for other great recipes in the marketplace specifically formulated for bread machines, use bread machine mixes, or create your own signature recipes for the bread machine. Helpful hints for converting recipes can be found in bread machine manuals, cookbooks and in bread mix instructions.

-- Marie (, February 08, 2002

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