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No special recipes are needed for baking bread on top of a wood stove or in a cast iron dutch oven with the fire coals just right for the purpose.

Biscuits may be cooked in a greased cast iron skillet with no lid on top of a wood stove. Do not have a huge fire going, needs to be just right temperature. Usually the far back area of the top is best with coals toward the front.

Yeast loaf bread needs an enclosed oven. Wood kitchen cookstoves have ovens. Fire in the stove must be just right for baking. Start the fire early so it has times for the wood to become the right stage of coals.

You can use a large tall cast iron pot on top of the stove to act as an oven. Place bread pan on a raised rack inside in not quite the middle, cover with cast iron lid.

-- Marie (, February 08, 2002

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