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I wanted to share this with some others that would understand my "joy"of getting such a deal,my daughter is getting married in September so we have been looking at dresses well yesterday we went to a bridal store that is closing,all the wedding dresses were $59.00 and bridesmaids dresses were $29.00,we got 2 dresses and a pair of gloves for $92.88.The dresses are very nice.I still cant believe it.Now I hope we can find flowers,etc. at such good prices!Any one else get any really good deals this year?

-- willa (, February 08, 2002


I am not sure where you live but I got a great deal on my flowers in San Francisco. We went to a flower market, where we got all of the flowers, which included 4 boquets, 5 coursages, 8 boutinneires and 3 arrangements for $250. We hired a student who was enrolled in a flower arranging class at the local college to arrange them. We paid a total of $350 for flowers that might have otherwise cost us thousands. Also, we ordered our wedding cake from Albertsons instead of a specialized bakery. Our cost for a 3 tier cake that feeds 200 = $150.00. Delivery and set up was included in this price. A similar cake from a bakery, including delivery and set up + $900.00.

-- Lynn (, June 10, 2002.

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