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You will find over 2,000 bread recipes at in the "Bakery", in the "Recipe Bin".

This is a combination of my own collection plus recipes from two forums combined. I transferred the recipes from both sites when they crashed and put them in the Recipe Bin after the site above was redesigned. No, I have no staff position on the site, just have a love for bread making and have been a participant there for 4 years answering questions and helping the new owner get recipes back on the site and help activate the forum after being down for so long during the redesigning.

You will find "bread instructions" and other varied info that is helpful in bread making there also. Do a "keyword search" and you should find it.

For excellent info about sourdough or bread machine mfgrs. go to Beth is an expert in sourdough bread baking and has excellent info posted on her site.

The forum and recipe section at Beth's site will refer you to The two sites were combined except for some areas.

Happy baking,


-- Marie (, February 08, 2002

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