AB&C Bellwood Tower

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I am in the process of finding the sights of as much of the old Atlanta railroad installations as I can.

Where was Bellwood tower located? I know where Bellwood Yard is but the location of the tower has eluded me. I have a suspicion that it may have been close to where Mead is located on Marietta Blvd. or at the east end of Jefferson St. but I am not sure.

-- Barney E. Johnson (bejohnson@mindspring.com), February 08, 2002


Larry, Vic,

Thanks for the info. Being born in 1952 I missed a lot of the railroad history in and around Atlanta. I try to find what I can but in Atlanta if it stands still very long they bulldoze it and build something else. :)

-- Barney E. Johnson (bejohnson@mindspring.com), February 10, 2002.

Thanks Vic for the plug. Bellwood Tower was located just about where Northside Drive now goes over the NS/CSX (SR/NC&StL to us old-timers) lines from the Howell Tower area to downtown. The 1960s-era Atlanta map I'm looking at shows the old east-west AB&C connection track to this corridor running parallel to and just south of Bedford St. The tower was about where Bedford St. would have hit the tracks if it had kept going east. The last time I looked (many years ago), there was no trace of the tower, but you can still see the grade of the AB&C line.

-- Larry Goolsby (clgoolsby@worldnet.att.net), February 09, 2002.

Larry Goolsby wrote a book on the AB&C which is an excellent guide and he is the foremost expert on the AB&C.

-- V.L.LEWIS (TrkInsp5F33@aol.com), February 08, 2002.

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