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Hi there, I am currently working on a long term portraits project (around 50 peoples with thre shots per guy) and I need to choose the best developer I can find. I use mainly HP Delta 400 at EI200 or Kodak Tri-X Pan at EI200 too. For the Delta I am currently running a series of tests with Ilfosol S, Ilfotec DD-X, Ultrafin Plus and Ultrafin SF. Has anybody performed such a test and would be willing to share their info? Many thanks

-- Saad (, February 08, 2002


If you want to have things a little easier on you, Use Diafine with TXP @ 400. 3 minutes Bath A and 3 Minutes Bath B then fix. I love the combo!

-- Scott Walton (, February 08, 2002.

I'd agree that the two-bath developers provide a nice safety net when unsure about processing. Some developers do well as "Stand" (no agitation) developers, at lower dilutions. There may be alot of trial and error in figuring "stand" development, but I somehow always get lucky doing this. I use PF FX-2, using Pincyrptol yellow only with "traditional" films- FP4+, HP5+, Plus-X, Tri-X, Neopan 400, not Tmax, Delta, or Acros. I go 25ml pt.A, 25ml pt.B, and 70 degrees F, hour to hour 20m. I might just be lucky, but you may consider this as well.

-- Mike DeVoue (, February 08, 2002.

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