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On a related forum, I saw that a photogrpher mentioned that some "old timers" suggested that use film developer made a great paper developer. Has anyone heard this?

This also makes me ask: Has anyone tried PMK as a paper developer?

My photo chemistry is not all that great, I know that it will work in the general sense, but are there any problems?

-- Ed Farmer (, February 08, 2002


Pyrogallol will stain the emulsion in a nasty way. Haven't tried it though, just read that in a couple of recipe-books from the 1930's- 40's... How about Ansco 130 1+4 as a film developer? I might work?

-- Patric (, February 09, 2002.

Pyro developers oxidize too quickly to be used for paper. I haven't actually tried pyro with paper, but pyro developers are always two or three part formulas that are mixed right before use. They turn dark very quickly, and are used one-shot. The stain, which is so desirable with film, would not be suitable for a print.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, February 10, 2002.

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