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I am still having problems getting information from both the lender Yorkshire Building Society and from their solicitors Addleshaw Booth, I sent off the original SARN request and a postal order for 10 back in December to both of these companies, Yorkshire Building Society have not replied to my request (this was sent registered post so I know they have received it). Should I write a letter to YBS reminding them of the 40 day limit? With regards to the Solicitors, they are trying to put me off, the first reply that was sent to me was details of all letters I had sent them and they had sent me in code form, the second time they sent copies of every letter they had ever sent to me and this time they have said that they hold no further information and that if I think they are holding any information I have to tell them what I expect. They are refusing to supply a copy of the MIG policy (and looking through other questions/answers on this page I am not the only one). The balance of the debt has increased and they won't tell me why, they are refusing to send me a breakdown/statement of arrears because they sent me one back in 1997, surely I have a right to see this 'new' breakdown and why the debt has increased. Could anyone please help with this refusal to supply information and what other documents can I ask for to help my case? I do have a breakdown from 1997, sent at the same time was a copy of the mortgage deed this is all I have. Will they have information relating to correspondence between YBS and themselves especially when they were first informed to chase me for the debt.

All answers gratefully accepted.

Thank you in advance


-- Jessie (, February 08, 2002


If you have reason to believe that they have not supplied you with all data held about you, both computerised and manual data, in response to a SARN; Then send a letter to the Information Commissioner requesting an assessment. You can download the assessment request form from the IC site, but a letter will do.

You can telephone the IC on 01625-545700 and they will advise you on such issues.

You need to prove to the IC that there is missing data. Send them copies of letters etc. to prove your statements.

Good Luck.

-- anon (, February 08, 2002.

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