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Can anyone tell me the best way to pluck ducks and chickens so that the skin stays intact and (hopefully!) doesn't take too long?

-- lilac (, February 07, 2002


skin them,, the skin stays intact,,its fast and easy

-- Stan (, February 07, 2002.

I skin them, but if you like to cook them with the skin on, have a 6 or 8 quart pot , of boiling water ready before you kill them. As soon as they are dead put them in a basin or sink that has the drain stopper in. Pour the boiling water on them,flip them over and pour boiling water on the other side.Doing it as soon as they are dead and still have some nerve reflex in them helps get the feathers loose. Use dishwashing type rubber gloves. I find using my thumb rubbing the feathers with pressure towards the head gets the feathers out.It's a skill that gets shorter the more practice you get.But at first it's time consumming.Skinning is much faster.And can be done with a scissor that is sold in kithcen sections of stores like wal-mart.The scissor should say it cuts small bones on the packsge.

-- SM Steve (, February 07, 2002.

Hi Lilac...I'm agreeing with the skinning is easy. And if you put the birds in those oven roasting bags while they cook, it seals in all the juices usually lost with the skin off. You can also ad herbs and vegetables to the bag while it's roasting too.... Although, we have also used this method before, even though it is a little barbaric. You take a long skewer, open their beaks, and shove the skewer into their brains, through the roof of their mouths. Believe it or not, it causes their nervous system to release the hold on the feathers and they practically come out by the handful. I know this sounds mean, but what does loping off their heads sound like? eh? I just prefer skinning them now.

-- Harmony (, February 08, 2002.

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