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Yep, I'm 18 today! that I am 18, I can use the comps at the I can post here once again! HUZZAH!

-- Davey Rootbeer (, February 07, 2002


You can also LEGALLY download hentai.

-- One Winged Angel (, February 07, 2002.

Wait, you have to be 18 to use the computers at the library? You poor bastard...

-- Zero_6ix (, February 07, 2002.

HAHAHA! Legally download hentai...they aren't gonna bust you from your ISP log like it was umm...lesse...uhhh child porn or nothin.

-- Draconic Leader (, February 08, 2002.


-- Zero_6ix (, February 08, 2002.

Actually, the library is almost as resticted as school is: I STILL cant chat from here, or use mail, or upload my comics (I made 7 new ones since my old comp crashed)....but I should be gettin' a new comp soon! HUZZAH!

-- Davey Rootbeer (, February 09, 2002.

Happy birthday man. I know I havent been around much but Ill be back soon. Say hi to everyone from me. Hopefully Ill see you next week when Ill have my new DSL connection up and running. Peace.

Oh yeah, and IM ON A 500KB CONNECTION RIGHT NOW AND IT FUCKING RULES! God bless my school.

-- Kant (, February 11, 2002.

Awww dammit Kant! PLEASE GET BACK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! Your chibi babe and I miss you dammit...I also have more Sakura piccies(okay only one but it's still a Sakura piccie)!

-- Draconic Leader (, February 12, 2002.

ahh yes sakura. wait how does this relate to zelda again? aww well

-- Rensokuken of Hell (, February 20, 2002.

It relates to Kant and he posted here so..uhh...nevermind

-- Draconic Leader (, February 21, 2002.

WHY?!?!? The answer is: Because I said so.

-- Davey Rootbeer (, February 21, 2002.

its my birthday

-- edin (, August 18, 2002.

Happy birthday, then

-- Davey Rootbeer (, August 18, 2002.

I'm 10 now! 2 digits! The most fun is I get to have alot of presents and get to go to a hotel!

-- Kelly Wuollet (, September 27, 2002.

It's my birthday today......!! I am 16!! oh yeah

-- Ashley (, May 19, 2003.

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