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hi i,m havind trouble with cedar holdings, they want 17.5k and i reckon i only owe them 8k. i would like to know how they arrived at this figure, what can i do to find out, what is the procedure to get them to send me all my account details.

also my original copies of the contract have not been signed by them, can i tell them to bog off? i'm currently not paying there instalments hoping to get into court and have a pop at them, but i need all the ammo i can get.

can anyone help?

-- mark firth (, February 07, 2002


Read through all the info on this site, then serve them with a data protection notice. Might take a while and lots of letters but its well worth doing - anything the lender withholds is something they dont want you to see!!!!

Best of luck

-- deborah (, February 18, 2002.

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