SQL 7.0 (sp3) Replication using Filter (Horizontal Partition)

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Currently we have setup/configured transaction replication and it has been working reasonably fine.

Now we have new requirement, We have to FILTER the data (horizontal partioning) so I have added/defined two seperate publications (each has Filter cluase joining to a view etc.)

When I publish the first publication (publication 1) the appropriate agents get started and the script/data applied to subscriber. But when I publish the second publication (publication 2) it starte with Snapshot agent and it seems like it go thru creating the script BUT WHEN WHEN IT TRIES TO BULK COPY THE DATA IT GET STUCK ON "LOCKING TABLES ....." and after few attempts it goes in cycle to regenerate the scheema....

I know it is tough one but any help would be appreciated.


Kamal Hassan Database Consultant MD Robotics (905) 790-2800 ext. 4849 or 1-800-891-7727 ext. 4849"

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002



Please post the error message and error number that you are getting.

Thank you,


-- Anonymous, February 08, 2002

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I am not getting/seeing any error other than when SnapShot Agent fails it return "TIMEOUT" while performing LOCKING TABLES FOR BULK COPY....

I also have contacted Microsoft and discussing the issue with them as well.



-- Anonymous, February 14, 2002

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