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Go to the site the filter keeps blocking.When the Bess filter blocks you delete the http://and put in then press enter. Thanx to Dre for this info.

-- One Winged Angel (, February 07, 2002


Good for all the H.S kids and porn sites...

-- Zero_6ix (, February 07, 2002.

thanks for the information the thing becomes a real pain in the ass after a while

-- Steavo (, February 08, 2002.

Dammit why is it that I am trying not to get my ass burned now and THEN you people get info like this. I can think of lots of sites I want to go to now, but...I must...resist...the urge...whew! I did it. I've become...a summoner...::falls::

-- Draconic Leader (, February 08, 2002.

Are you going to bring the calm, Sir DL?

-- Dick Tator (, February 08, 2002.

Yeah with my mighty black magic(and a little help from the Aeons maybe) I will obliterate Sin!

-- Draconic Leader (, February 09, 2002.

!! THIS MIGHT BE JUST THE THING THAT I NEED! Thanks OWA,...if it works, I'll put you in the comic...IF I can get it up...

-- Davey Rootbeer (, February 09, 2002.

This doesn't work on all sites! Booooooo!

-- Shadow (, June 14, 2002.

awesome. this thing kicks serious ass.

-- Alex H. (, October 03, 2002.

why does it say Access Denied You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

-- chris williams (, November 13, 2002.

what the fuck answer chris williams question NOW or me and a lil black magic will play tricks. anyone knows how to hack it's me CJ mowhahaha

-- cj (, January 20, 2003.

This forum is dead...everyone left....

-- The Moderator (, January 20, 2003.

this url also works:

-- doodoo (, February 07, 2003.

we are all at school and we cant go on any thing becuse of it we cant go on music or games it all a bunch of bull shit it sucks so bad and i cant hack it to it so whats the deal with it. if theres any way that any one knows about it e-mail me and ill get back to you asap please help me and other students have the right to have fun on the computer.

-- sam jackson (, February 12, 2003.

Just a couple more ways... not only is there that akamaitech site, but if you want an easier one to memorize, use this: And you can bypass it using proxy settings...which can be found under TOOLS:INTERNET OPTIONS:CONNECTIONS:LAN SETTINGS check the "Use Proxy Server" box. Under address, put under Port, put 3128 This works a little better because you now don't have to use akamaitech for every link you click on at that site :)

-- Da Bess Killa (, February 15, 2003.

i need a authorization password.. can some one tell me one??

-- linz brown (, February 27, 2003.

There are many other ways to bypass bess, there is a program that allows you to surf anonymously or you can use an anonymous proxy server through the port that you go through. like min is port 8080

-- Justin (, March 19, 2003.

the technique doesn't worlk

-- anon man (, March 19, 2003.

This message may seem a little long but it works for me and everyone else at our school

SUP?? After I told everyone how to bypass BESS...I got called to the office and stuff...ohh well...who cares...anyways here's sum stuff you should know about proxies and stuff like that... On a computer w/ BESS on it...the web page is called out to the BESS proxy. BESS then checks the cache to see if the page is in there to save time and then checks the blocked site list to see if the site is blocked. If the site is not in the cache and is not blocked, BESS finds the webpage and then transfers it back to the computer. The trick is to use a proxy without a filter. To specify a proxy of your can go to Tools(Internet Explorer 5.x or 6.x)->Internet Options->Connections tab->LAN Settings, check the box labled "use a proxy server"... If you can get there, use as the address and 8080 as the port number...

However for some, their administrator has disabled something along the way to specifying a proxy... Our administrator disabled the LAN Settings button after he found out about my BESS crack...that didn't stop me...I kept going and created some REG files... To create a BESS bypass REG file...follow these steps EXACTLY...

1. Open NOTEPAD 2. Copy and Paste the following into NOTEPAD:



[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings] "ProxyServer"="" "ProxyEnable"=dword:0000001


3. go to File->Save As 4. Under "Save as Type", Select "All Files" 5. As the file name...type REMOVEB.REG 6. Save it to a floppy or some other secure location 7. Go to where you saved the file and then run the file 8. Click "Yes" when it asks you if you want to add the info to the registy.... NOTE: Sometimes(depending on administrator restrictions) it may say that all the info wasn't added correctly. If it says this, it still should work. If it says that it couldn't add any of the didn't work If it says it's not a registy pasted it wrong...the file should look like this:


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings] "ProxyServer"="" "ProxyEnable"=dword:0000001

Make sure you copied ONLY the info in between the BEGIN and END lines...If you can't manage to follow the instructions "DO NOT COPY THIS LINE"'ve got sum problems and shouldn't be near a computer...

At our school...I have a website set up where me and my friends can download and run the REG file without having to create one themselves...but i have limited bandwith and don't want the site to be blocked so giving the URL out on here is not an the future i will have mirror sites set up and then i might consider giving out the URL...

Well this should tell yah more on how to crack BESS...Have fun

BTBCC - Buckeye Trail Bess Cracking Community

-- Buckeye Trail Bess Cracking Community (, March 22, 2003.

Some more proxies just incase the one quits Proxy Port Notes 8080 8080 81 3128 8860 Is BESS but appears unblocked 8080 Fastest Unblocked

-- Buckeye Trail Bess Cracking Community (, March 22, 2003.

this bess i cant go there thing sucks i cant even go to aol and chat it nees to be destroyed!!!

-- heather from alex bay new york (, March 25, 2003.

learn proper english you fool

-- a (, April 07, 2003.

Yo, i keep saving that file that u gave, the registry editor, and it wont let me save it as a run file for the registry it keeps registering in windows as a text document. SO if i open it, it opens it only as it is in notepad, not to edit the registry. Help?

-- Eric R (, April 08, 2003.

Alot of the URLs here don't work.

-- Ben (, April 08, 2003.

Hey i tryed ur alls stuff but it says i dont have permission

-- Todd (, April 08, 2003.

Thanks tons I've been trying to bypass or override bess for 2 years now.It really helped me.

-- Jordy Frantz (, April 08, 2003.

My fucking adminsitrator canceled all access to internet options tab. Since none of the url's in here work, how else can i get into "slime soccer"? someone help please. I hate fucking bess...

-- i hate bess (, April 10, 2003.

Cool...glad to see it's working for most of you guys...i spent a lot of time figuring this stuff out...I got busted doin this and my school put me in Alternative Intervention (in-school suspension) for 3 days cuz of this bess thing... - By the way...when u save the file...make sure you go to File->save as- >select "All Files" as the type and type removeb.reg

-- BTBCC (, April 10, 2003.

I have an answer to all your questions. As for now the only working method can be found at this site under the "Archives" section. Email me if this method doesn't work at your schoo.

-- jack (, April 11, 2003.

I couldn't even get to this damn page at school because Bess blocked it. oh well i got the site name anyways

-- Justin Barker (, April 13, 2003.

You script kiddies need to learn that BESS will keep defeating you the people that work for N2H2 read these boards so they know how to defeat you. You need to realize that these people get paid huge amounts of money to continually be one step ahead of you. if you worried about schoolwork as much as you care about beating BESS you would eventually be able to graduate from college and work for these companies like I have. Good Luck ][/||2|)|<()|23

-- Hardkore (, April 14, 2003.

Hey guys. This was a great site to help me out. I guess I am going to spread the word around at my school to get people to use it and say fuck bess. lol you know what I mean? I was going to use my own proxy server at home but I never got around to it, if someone can post me up a link to get the appz for either linux or windows I would be happy to share the porxy with you people. And do you know how I can use the proxy in a url like http://myip:8080/ ect thx if you can help laterz

-- Randy (, April 14, 2003.

to learn how to hack into bess go to this awsome site that i found. it isn't blocked by bess. go to it realy works.

-- Brad Sucks (, April 16, 2003.

it didnt work for me help me cause i hate this shit all ways stoping me

-- david sean (, April 16, 2003.

Bess is actually a product of the N2H2 company that claims to empower people with the ability to choose what is

right and wrong for people (in this case students) to view on the internet. The only reason why this program works is

because of the way our internet is provided to us at school. The web is filtered through a proxy before it reaches your screen,

in this case the proxy is runned by N2H2. So the only way to disable bess is to switch proxy servers, fortunatly this is easily accomplished.

Ok... First of all MAKE SURE NO ONE IS LOOKING!(this

does not need to be spread around school, they will disable the ability

to access this folder) next, find the "internet options" button

on the task bar. Open the options up and you should see a window with

seven tabs on it. Choose the security tab and go to the "LAN settings" button

sCheck the box that says "Use a proxy server" and enter

the name and port number of any proxy server besides the

one used by N2H2. I dont think that bestweb is currently

working and i have been informed that people were having

problems with it... I will try to find a different one.

There used to be other ways to disable bess or avoid it, but

our gestapo school district either disallowed the use

of certain aspects of the network or N2H2 blocked the site

I am currently trying to write a program that could potentially disable bess but it is probably in vane. The school bloked the use

files that extract and will not allow the use of programs that are higher than 32 bits, unless specified. It amazes me that this

school is so intent on destroying personal freedom (to put the "the man is holding us down" spin on things) even public libraries

arent allowed to use web protection software because the state deemed it "unconstitutional in public environments". It wouldnt

even be such a bad thing if they were more upfront with the issue, but they intentionaly hide the fact that they are doing

everything in their power to "protect us" from bad sites. Ever check out that door to the right of the water fountain and

bathrooms in K building?

-- Eric Wayne Keller (, April 23, 2003.

None of these solutions worked for me.


-- PyroSama (, April 24, 2003.

At my school, they put bess on the server. You can't connect to an outside proxy. Using an anonymous proxy in the link box might work. Bess blocks the word proxy because its a "loophole". The only way i see possible would be to hack the server. I've been in a battle with bess for about 4 years now. Help!(small squeeky voice)

-- (, April 24, 2003.

Alright I've been wanting to break this bitch hardcore ... I'm not getting any where Bess seems to have found that is a loop hole ... Bullshit huh? well I'm steadily working and I know this bitch will be takin down. This is only my freshman year! 3 more years to try! Ne one with new suggestions keep em cummin ... I wanna be able to at least have one extra freedom at skool ... p.s. the man needs brought down haha *kisses* ***BlAzE***

-- JoHnNy BlAzE (, April 28, 2003.

A kid at my school made this but sometimes is doesn't work, type in "" then you type in the FULL website

*there is no "www"

-- (, April 29, 2003.

Hey guys i think i will be of some help in the next few days im going to keep this post alive because bess is such a bitch. I want to start off just saying that proxy servers work good for me but finding ones that work are VERY hard. I have found that in certain parts of campuses and or buildings that different proxy servers work and ones that worked in one part dont work in the other. But one that has seemed to have the greatest success for me would have to be PROXY-SERVER.711.NET PORT 8081 I will be posting some other proxy servers and ways to get arround bess in the near future..

-- Ryan (, April 30, 2003.

thanx for akamai address, i have to see if it works. i tried uing everything on ours and so far nothing can get past BESS the son of a whore retriever

-- Andrew Sparkes (, May 04, 2003.

i need a login name and pass word to override bess becase the thing doesnt work at my school e- mail me if u 1

-- nick wallace (, May 05, 2003.

For the answer, goto:

-- Break Break (, May 06, 2003.

Can anyone email me a login name and password to get pass bess. I have tried every thing and nothing works. Thanks for the help!

-- Ace (, May 09, 2003.

Can Anybody send me the information on how to get past bess useing netscape?

-- Brian Corbett (, May 12, 2003.

well ive tried the pheeshi thing and it got to where the page name showed up on the top of the browser but after that it said no page available....kinda wierd...i hope every1 here is a member of because that sites the one of the best for the fight against internet censorship. If ne1 knows any more new loophole or bypass sites post them.... p.s. if u run ms-dos prompt and say ping (your site) it will tell you the ip address and that will work for the lesser blocked by bess pages... l8r 4 now PPS dont those little star things (shift+8)look so cool?

-- censorship sux* (, May 13, 2003.

yo guys, whats up first of all, thanks for all the info on how to get past that bitchy bitch bess, i'll be sure to try all of them. kill bess:)

-- Chavez (, May 13, 2003.

thanks to all ya bess-haters out there. If theres somethin i like to see at a hs, thats a shitload of rebels against those damn school systems.

-- alex Kehm (, May 14, 2003.

Another thing that pisses me off even more than BESS is FOOLPROOF. Foolproof stops me from getting into settings, into the hard drives, clicking on anything usefull, sometimes even copying and pasting! I CANT DO ANYTHING!!! I cant get into a dos prompt, i cant get my programs on here, and now i cant even get to the proxy settings to kill bess! DAMN IT! If only i could load my programs....or even access the network. My only option is to put a keylogger on a teachers computer and get some goddamn info.


-- Jeremy Frank (, May 15, 2003.

There is an easier way to override bess. Just type in the URL of the site ( ) and then once it says you can't go there, just type in an "s" after http ( ). It connects to the site through a secure connection, and for some reason bess allows that.

-- Yeah... (, May 15, 2003.

i have tried every answer any one has ever come up with to get by bess they do not work it has been a long 4 year battle and a bitch but I HAVE FOUND THE WAY. Just tell me one of your teachers log in codes and user names and i will tell u how to do it.

-- your mom (, May 16, 2003.

i love tuna fish and picca lovees macri and supina

-- Lorenzo (, May 16, 2003.

H3Y Im in junior high, 8th(i know im a little to young for a haxor(not a true one though, more like a finder-outer dont tell no oner)grade. My School has macs, they suck, their servers are windows NT 5, worse yet, and uses n2h2 for filtering. Im going to try the https thing, it probably does work, though it may not because each server has to buy a certificate to get the 128-bit encryption, thus https, thus it is secure. So when you request for an https to a server without the certificate, it might not go through. Nice idea, left handed, but nice.

-- Lorenzo (, May 16, 2003.

"i love tuna fish and picca lovees macri and supina " imposter! By the way, those are my library teachers, both old and, well they chew hay, mmmkay?

-- Lorenzo (, May 16, 2003.

dude the https does not work go to mmmkay?

-- Lorenzo (, May 17, 2003.

try out

-- Robert Smith (, May 19, 2003.

its considered a loophole -

-- anton garvis (, May 20, 2003.

Get some C4 or other explosives and one of the Main pain in the ass servers is in Newark, New York it's inside of BOCES. wipe out BOCES it will severly hurt or possibly kill Bess

-- Me (, May 20, 2003.

I would like to add, If Your school blocks connection tabs and access to the hard drive, and you have microsoft works open it. create a hyperlink and browse, then open the specified file, then click on the hyperlink to open any file on the hard disk. :)

-- Brian (, May 21, 2003.

Now I haven't had any trouble with bess until this year. The "network guy" has me under constant supervision fo r reasons that dont matter (used DC on the network), and now bess has me cut out of every GOD DAMNED site. i have pinged the sites i want to go to ... that worked for about a week before everything was cached, ive tried anonymous sites, but they be loopholes. come to think of it .... ive tried everything 'cept for clearing out the cache ... but that would mean that id have to have access to the server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- The_Lone_Gunman (, May 22, 2003.

alright, bess is a pain in the ass, how do you ping the sites? thro ms dos

-- Chris (, May 22, 2003.

yeah the thing to overide bess towards the middle of the post dosen't work.

-- andrew hickerson (, May 22, 2003.

yeah ping by typing "ping"; it does nothing but test latencey; best be it for LANs

-- Lorenzo (, May 22, 2003.

good god, we need some useful stuff....some stuff that can ACTUALLY OVERRIDE bess, I can override it but the sites won't show any pictures, so thats a downside, I just wanna look at ebay motors cars at school basically and play games...

-- Chris (, May 22, 2003.

if you cant get to internet options the easiest solution is to simply goto the windows screen and hit F1 to bring up help menu click on the "options" button and choose internet options always works for me.

-- vethor (, May 23, 2003.

I bet if you mess around with some stuff here; tools>internet options>connections>LAN settings more than likely your school has a network but they also might have disabled the ability to change those settings

-- Lorenzo (, May 24, 2003.

Fuck ur code doesn't work anymore this one it says access denied hopefully this is only temporary fuck i hate bess

-- Dave (, May 26, 2003. has all your answers...

-- Kill bess (, May 27, 2003.

Okay I don't know too much about all this stuff. I'm no hacker or computer genius. What I do know is that BESS is put on this earth only to drive stupid little high school kids like myself to insanity.

NOTHING WORKS. Or at least not permanently. I have found ways to override it before but they have never once worked for more than a week or two before BESS figures it out because it is certainly one of Satan's minions.

It blocks very unusual sites. I have not been able to access a site about civil rights activism before, but have encountered countless pop-ups for porn. So it only filters everything we do not HATE.

What's worse ... I'm accessing this site from school! It won't let me edit my online journal but I can access tips about overriding BESS. That is what is so frustrating - we are so much smarter than BESS yet it foils us every time.

I'm going to go hang myself now ...


-- Amita (, May 27, 2003.

that site could help

but the Internet Options are blocked from all over the place.

no control panel, no Help Option, no IE Options

-- anton garvis (, May 27, 2003.

This works after that just type in the url like

-- WHo knows (, May 28, 2003.

of course works.

but if you put another site in, one that is blocked, it doesnt work.

-- anton garvis (, May 28, 2003.

My skool has the Bess proxy too. if you can't get into the tool... internet options... thing but you do have access to the C: drive then heres what you do. 1. Find the Outlook Express folder (usually C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\" 2. Open Outlook and go to Tools... Options... the Connection tab... Change (button) then Connections tab 3. Your into the Connections settings!!

have fun

-- astro (, May 28, 2003.

Damn, the Outlook Express folder is there, and so is Outlook.

But I get an error when I open it, something about Font Cache. After that, its a MSOE.dll file that wont load

-- anton garvis (, May 29, 2003.

It dosent work If you know one that works e-mail it to me

-- Kyle Cardinal (, May 29, 2003.


-- Peter NOcciero (, May 30, 2003.

Anybody that doesn't want to kill bess should be shot. That's what i've got to say. there's a program that lets you bypass the address, and if it's loaded on your compter the techs can't do anything about it. I'll go home and download it on Kazaa then post it he

-- Edlinio (, May 30, 2003.

really peter, you should be shot.

-- Edlinio (, May 30, 2003.

OK, YOU PEOPLE NEED TO STOP SPREADING YOUR HACKING IDEAS AROUND ON THE INTERNET. People from N2H2 are constantly looking at websites like this. The people that work for BESS and that have created BESS just keep making it better, and how do they do this? BECAUSE PEOPLE KEEP TELLING THEM HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER! If you put out on the internet how you hacked into this and that then the companies will eventually find out. SO STOP!! now dont get me wrong, i dont want people to get mad at me, and i like being able to look up on the internet how to hack into things but, i just wanted everyone to know that what is said on this site gets around to other sites until eventually the companies find it.

-- i must tell you (, May 30, 2003.

it says dat da server iz not able 2 use it or sumthin like dat

-- matt (, May 31, 2003.


-- KC (, June 02, 2003.

I oviously don't know if this shit is still alive ... I simply run a linux box and use a proxy on it :) Bess hasn't blocked my site and never will ... I think im going to try it tonite.

-- Chris Sologuk (, June 02, 2003.

just download mozilla

-- munky (, June 03, 2003.

I have been Hacking for about 6 years. I am some what a computer geek. I have hack bess many times, but yesterday i killed her. I found a way to kill bess and it is almost like the REMOVEB.REG hack. but this one unistalls bess from the main server. i know it works because my school (NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL. PASADENA,MD.) no longer has bess as of yesterday. if you ever find out my real email address i will sent you the code to right the program. "i bought bess to hack bess" SpLaT_mAsTeR

-- Yeah Right (, June 03, 2003.

None of these things work for me. The only one that seems to work a little is the pheeshi... one. Then it will not show any pics on that page. Why? I tryed the save the program thing and ran it, but it did nothing to help. It asked me if I wanted to save the changees and I said yes like the paper said to and it was successfull. But nothing happened. The thing about options and how to change the proxy server did not work. It had no internet when I tryed.this is exactly what I typed: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\InternetS ettings]"ProxyServer"="" "ProxyEnable"=dword:0000001

It did not work. Please tell me how I can override this dam bess.

-- jeremy styers (, June 05, 2003.

fuck off

-- asscrack (, June 06, 2003.

I have tried every single thing on this website, and none of them seemed to work for me, i thought the internet options would work, but all these things are dissalbed, the only thing i can access is the hardrive, and she thought she was slick by making all the files hidden but she stilled disabled everything that i could use to overide this slut besss

-- Ragnarok (, June 06, 2003.

ok all u kids that download porn at school but u cant cuz that damn dog bess shes a little ho. well in computers i killed her. me and my friends have been trying to do it for the whole semester.all u have to do is go to then type in aol quick buddy for the search. then click the fifth one. then this sign on thing will come up. type in anything for the screen name and password. i mean anything. so then hit sign on. once it says wrong user name or password hit sign on again and it will say the same thing but it dont matter. so now u can be free and download porn and shit. ur free!!!!

-- Jimmy Z (, June 06, 2003.

Go to google click the image tab go to advanced image search scroll down and select safesearch off. Type ANYTHING and click search and it will show unfiltered results for ONE page. You CAN'T go to the site where the images are on though.

-- Ben (, June 09, 2003.

Jimmy z, ur shit ass solution dont work no more, cuz they already came up with a solution to block ur shit

-- none (, June 10, 2003.

I think my website can help you: HOWTO bypass Internet Censorship, a tutorial on getting around filters and blocked ports If it's blocked just use the SSL-encrypted mirror server: https: // It's a lot to read, but afterwords it will be very easy for you to bypass the bess proxy. Try the webproxies. The site is meant to bypass the censorship from the governments in china or saudia arabia, that is way more difficult than bess... :-D

regards, Freerk

-- Freerk (, June 12, 2003.

It is a very simple procedure to bypass Bess. Just walk down to Student Recsources and rough up the students there until they agree to take it off the server, this should be easy since Student Rescoure Students are pretty scwranny. Or chuck a grenade in the Tech office.

FOR viewing pictures on google or whatever, you can do this: before you type what to see (i.e. Wild XXX) Insert "Christian Reformed".

Bess is programmed to stop you from picture search "Hot Nymph Jungle Sluts", but is not programmed to block "Christan Reformed Hot Nymph Jungle Sluts". Go figure.

-- Terrorist (, June 13, 2003.

they will never be able to stop this method. use google or some other search engine and search for nph-proxy.cgi and just try those links until one isnt blocked by bess. if you cant find one set up one on a home computer though you will need to be running a webserver that supports cgi which most of you dont know how to do. once you get one up though if your server supports it charge ppl at school for accounts :)

-- Rodney (, July 03, 2003.

none of you know how to crack bss , if you do so stop putting craps on the site

-- x tech (, July 09, 2003.

Hey! you guys need to take this "forum" into a different more secure format. You should have a mailing lists instead becuase the stupid fucks at N2H2 would have to hack your email in order to see the new hack.

I would also suggest, If bess blocks email that you start an actual mail list (snail mail) the only way to beat bess is to learn how to program like the people at N2H2 does and the only way to keep it a secret is to only tell certain people until you have a couple of programs that can keep the programmers at N2H2 busy long enough for a more long term solution.

Thats it, thats the solution, get off your fat ass learn to program find friends who also program, become the Justice League and make sure people know that we do not support censorship for ANY reason!

-- Mike (, July 21, 2003.

I need A hack that i can use at garfield High school because the ones that you have posted dont work

-- David aka. Bess hacker (, July 29, 2003.

I need a bess crack that i can use befor August 1st.

That is when summer school gets out

-- David aka. bess hacker (, July 29, 2003.

i need to be able to get in to hotmail please respone befor august 1

-- david aka. bess hacker (, July 29, 2003.

BESSSSSSS! I kill you!!!!!!!! damit you fucken peice of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi could somebody help get pass bess thank you UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! die die die die die die die die bess ha ha ha ha

-- Bob Joe (, October 10, 2003.

yeah I would have to say that you are a bunch of fucken idiots. "Hey lets post all the things we know about cracking bess so that the administrators can go onto sights like this and just block us more." And while we are at it we mide as well put our email address's on this sight too, that would be a great idea.

-- ??????????? (, January 14, 2004.

The answer is simple:

It kills all parental filters, including Bess.

-- Citasoft Administration (, January 28, 2004.

Look anyone who wants to join a hacking, video game, or kid Freedom League, e-mail me and we'll start one. Let's say you want to start a hcking league, e-mail me with the subject heading "Hacking". Then in the message tell me your age sex location (asl) and tell me any of your past accomplishments in hacking. For video games do the same with the heading as "Video Games" then your asl, and any of your past accomplishments in Video games. Same rubric for the Freedom League. "With Your help, we can overcome (and override) any obstacels, Join me.

-- Spike T-Bone Killa (, January 31, 2004.

dis shit does not work help plz give more instruction

-- stewy stewart (, February 04, 2004.

this shit does not work help plz give more instruction

-- scott stewart (, February 04, 2004.

guy think twice , all you have to do is get a free poxy an change the proxy i do that all the time at school or download aol on the computer , it wont take long if your school got high speend and use aol trust me if it doest work email me

-- napy head (, February 08, 2004.

there is an easier way to get through bess... just go to and trasnlate from anything to english, then do a search on whatever website you are looking for. yahoo will set you free! enjoy!

-- Chris (, February 09, 2004.

you dont have to translate yahoo just translate the site that you want at click on translate and put the site this is what i do at school

-- vladimir jimmy (, February 11, 2004.

You guys shouldn't be talking about trying to hack bess over the internet where anybody can access what is said.Why? Because the guys who created Bess are watching things like this. And maybe they are trying to mislead you by giving you bull shit information at this board. And anybody who knows anything wouldnt be telling you over this type of forum. If you want to find out how to hack bess use usenet or an IRC where they are a lot less likely to find out the techniques you are discussing.

-- bob_the_vietcong (, February 12, 2004.

I've tried everything on this site, nothing here works. I've found that if you erase everything back to the /after your url and type php.go.146=user than you can beat bess. Do this only after bess has already blocked you.


-- William Kupezki (, February 13, 2004.

The altavista translate doesn't work anymore, at least not at my high school. We'd been usuing that one since about October or so, but they finally caught us with it. It comes up with "loophole" when you try to use it now. Just giving the heads up that it doesn't work anymore. There HAS to be a way to KILL BESS for good....

-- Me (, February 17, 2004.

go to and translate the site to from liek itallian or whatever then it will show up unbloacked in english..but no pictures..i think this works

-- zac (, February 25, 2004.

I am your savior, no messy proxy changes or settings or even putting long entries.. now just click on the link 'my home gateway' then enter whatever u want and ur home free.

-- Tony (, February 26, 2004.

Citasoft byPASS is a HTTP proxy coded in PHP. The whole basis of this project is quite simple. Normally, when you surf the net, you make HTTP requests (the data is transferred directly from your computer to the website's server). However, when you use a HTTP Proxy, such as byPASS, you add an another step to the whole "request data" process. When you use byPASS your computer makes a HTTP request for byPASS along with your desired website. When byPASS receives your request, it makes it's own request for the URL you gave it. Assuming the the URL was valid, byPASS (the server) will receive a response from it's HTTP request. When it does, it will reply to your original request.

IT'LL byPASS Bess and along with many other parental/government filters. Try it out for FREE TODAY!

-- Citasoft Administration (, February 28, 2004.

i h8 bess and want to get rid of it! please help me email me any help pretty please cus now school aint fun

-- michael kelly (, February 29, 2004.

Go to this site

type your requested url in the box at the middle of the page

then change the language underneath it from 'english to spanish' to

'korean to english', press translate and hit enter! bingo ur through

I hope this helps cuz it FUCKED BESS UP at my school.

-- mike (, March 01, 2004.

Well people I tried but there is just no logical way to say it but Bess seems impossible to override without a valid pass an user name. I tried the translating thing and it block it because It is a loophole. BULL SHIT I SAID!!!!! So how and so way I am going to mess this filter up and when I do I goig to share it with everyone.

-- Mia (, March 02, 2004.

-- go (, March 04, 2004.

Guys get the problem from the roots. the os. jus donload knoppix and put on a cd. make sure it has mozilla. if ur computers can boot off cd, itll work. if it doesnt try puttin a linux software proxy on it.

-- sdf (, March 11, 2004.

Guys get a free tux sticker and knoppix cd!!

-- Dug Figgs (, March 12, 2004.

can some one send me a url tha works

-- dwight h (, March 18, 2004.

there is no help.....

-- Blah Blah (, March 20, 2004.

im tired of this crap... there's no way around if we keep telling them basically around websites. we need to use sites like these but if someone has an answer, then say you know the answer and have other people e-mail you or something. or i-m them to make sure it isnt some phoney from bess trying to get the answer. who knows. they probably would do that. the bastards

-- ... (, March 23, 2004.

I think those ppl are looking right at this page. Thing is, i cant go to those IRC things, i have no idea how they work. So finding pages is all i have. That babelfihs thing only worked once, then i guess they found out about it, now every translator i found, i get an error page, not a loophole page. Those new computers really restriced EVERYTHING. I cant even change my wallpaper for christ's sakes. This Bess thing didnt matter to me much until they just blocked two of my favorite sites. NOW, i want to get back at them. I tell them to block along with nasty comments.

Come on, they wont block Disney!? that site has fucking games on it.

I tried that peacefire thing, but i have no clue how to set it up. *sigh*

Screw bess, i want to mess up the schools entire computer system. Someone, hack or whatever CLAY HIGH SCHOOL IN OREGON OHIO! ill tell you any information. I want them to PAY!!! :(

-- BishtrainerTai16 (, March 25, 2004.

man am i tierd of bess but you guys have to make a site that has this crap but cant be found by nhsh and i think you should send emails to get the word out

-- ando (, March 26, 2004.

find the bar that says http:// infront of it and type ur site in there. in the upper left hand corner of the page are mirrors... DEATH TO BESS!!!

-- Anymous (, March 29, 2004.

Hay ne one that can help me and my friends out this dam thing woulnt let us do any thing i know that if u put an s after http it will work some times but it harldy ever workes so some1 help me and every kid that has ben fucked over by that dam bess thankx e-mail me it to kk.

-- kenny gipson (, March 31, 2004.

hell ya it thankx

-- hahaha (, March 31, 2004.

ok ive been trying and trying to get through bess for soooo long. what the fuck. not many of theres work Glens falls high school sucks they put bess and the teachers cant get around it either. no pictures no nothing. if you have any ideas e-mail me with em. PLEASE! ive been trying and trying for almost 4 years.. im in 11th g4rade and i need help b4 im in 12th please help

xoxo Sarah

-- Sarah (, April 08, 2004.

hay sarah i found the best way at my school its so of the time u have to put an s after http> deth to the bitch hahaha

-- kenny (dam that bess) (, April 08, 2004.

there is no hope...nothing works. we need someone to nuke the bess site. so go home and hack the system. thats the only way.

-- killer kyle (, April 14, 2004.

This is gay, i wanna get rid of it NOW, can't u fuckers jus give me the right sollution to getting rid of BESS on this page The site wont be blocked, so jus give us the answer on how to get rid of that fucking mut, likae i can't even play fuckign games.

-- Tyler Clattenburg (, April 14, 2004.

Someone go nuke bess, nuke that mother fucker. we figured it out once but my teacher reset bess, so computer class is so fuckign boring now

-- I have no name (, April 14, 2004.

It is so easy. U just have to acess bess files and elete them completely. I have been working on this since elementry, yet it has always been so easy. just out of grasp for so long. But now we have it. FOR GOOD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH ANDTHE BESS COMPANY CANT STOP US FROM DELETIING< THEY ONLY KNOW ABOUT FIREWALLS AND ONLY HAVE THE PRIVELAGE TO MESS WITH THAT> WE WIN. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHH

-- .....mystery super hacker (, April 14, 2004.

use this site for now to get past it if any one knows how to deletit plaez do know one will cair.

-- dum fucks (, April 15, 2004.


-- Read That Biotch AAAHHHAHAHAH (, April 15, 2004.

don't do drugs

-- reyna marie santos (, April 15, 2004.

You fucking idiots if you think youve found an answer email it to the other peoples emails. I use to use babel fish but when u dumb fucks said that u could use it to bypass bess, Bess blocked it. Whenever you say something on here they read it.

-- D. Devor (, April 19, 2004.

It must be apparent by now that the only way to get around Bess without some serious work is to change the proxy server. Unfortunately, the Internet Options are blocked to most. However, that can be remedied for most people. The first thing needed, though, is to be able to access programs on your computer (just being able to access the hard drive is fine). In the SYSTEM32 folder(or SYSTEM folder on Windows 98), find a program called MMC (it has a hammer in its icon). If you can open that, skip to the next paragraph. If it's restricted, read on. Find a program in the same folder called Command.sys. Open that and type "control userpasswords2" or "control userpasswords" (use the second if the first doesn't work, and DON'T INCLUDE the quotation marks). If that doesn't work, or Command.sys is locked too, you're out of luck. If it does work, click the Administrator user in the dialog box, and click 'Change Password'. It won't ask for the old password, and you can make it whatever you want. Now go and find that MMC program again. Right-click the program and choose 'Run as...'. Then just run the program as the administrator with the password you changed it to. Now, click the 'Console' menu, and go to 'Add/Remove Snap-in...'. Click the 'Add' button, and find and add 'Group Policy'. Then close the dialog box and double-click 'Group Policy'. Then close the dialog box and click 'OK'. Click 'Local Computer Policy' and more stuff will appear. Under 'User Configuration', double-click 'Administrative Templates'. From here, you can unrestrict yourself from almost everything that can be restricted. You'll find the restrictions for Internet Explorer settings under 'Internet Explorer'. There are a bunch of things relating to changing proxy settings and access to Internet Explorers options, but I'm sure you can find those on your own. Keep in mind that from here, you can unrestrict yourself from pretty much anything, including installing programs, using programs, and accessing and changing the computer's settings. Have fun!

-- Andre Dionne (, April 19, 2004.

You all are infanitely stupid motherfukers Anyway, I've been cracking for years and nothing here will work. Trust me. You gotta go through Lynx... that's the way... ohhh yeah.

-- Vladimirichovich Andreev (, April 20, 2004. does work but only on some of the sites. There has to be an override that will bypass bess altogether for everything. If there is anything that will work for all the sites, or something to override bess completely and not have to type in these codes all the time plz let me know.

-- (, April 21, 2004.

A note to my instructions above... the name of the program to access the changing of the passwords is not "Command.sys", it's "". Sorry for the mistake ((I don't know how I messed that up...)). Well, have fun hacking =^-^=.

-- Andre Dionne (, April 23, 2004.

wow... as of now i am going to a technical skool and we dont even take the time to worry about bess. honestly, if that is all you worry about. i worry for your guys later life. i thought i didnt have a life bein on a computer all day, but worrying about some stupid filter and wanting to hack it just so you can look at porn, kinda guys could find something more constructive to do, and with the whole "wheres our freedom" shit, comeon, you at like your 5 years old. you dont have "rights" until your 18, then you can look at all the porn you want to. its ok guys, i know pamela is hot, but your in skool, not the time, nor the place to be watching/looking at porn... and where else do you plan on going, site whise? if you stick to skool or non-"bad" pages you will be fine. yeah, it used to piss me off, but now i could careless. dont worry about a little internet dog, stick to skool, and look at porn when you get home, you will live for those horrible 5 to 6 hours of education.

-- nehi (, April 27, 2004.

anyone no how to get past surf-control?

-- Dan Filsell (, April 27, 2004.

Nehi, Your a fucking idiot. We dont want to override bess to look at porn. We would just like to be at school and when in computer class we would appreciate it if we could look at geocitie sites or some educational sites that might have some strong language. I think bess cuts things to tight.

-- D Devor (, April 27, 2004.

Exactly. I don't like porn (no I'm not gay!). But it cuts out a TON of sites that shouldn't be restricted. That just pissed me off so much, that I had to find a way around it. It took me a couple months, but I was so relieved when I found a way, I just downloaded music for the next week. Luckily our school got computers with CD burners this year...

-- Andre Dionne (, April 27, 2004.

none of your crap is working. someone just give me a good proxy to use.

-- me (, April 28, 2004.

1. go to google 2. search for something that will be blocked 3. click cached, don't go to link 4. work on some sites Note: this doesn't work on most sites, but it's really easy to use some1 plz submit a permanent solution

-- yunit (, April 28, 2004.

fuck niggers!!!!!!!!!!

-- jon niger (, May 03, 2004.

1)go to tools. 2)click on internet options. 3)click connections. 4)click on LAN settings. 5)see were is says proxy settings....make sure this is checked...then click advanced. 6)in HTTP type... then were it says PORT...type 81 then click ok...

you are all done...quick internet,lets you go on any website fast and easy.

-- (, May 04, 2004.

Um all you retards need to induldge yourselves in something else rather then tryin to hack into websites. If they are blocked from where u are then obviously whatever your tryin to get into is inappropiate, so grow up and go home and use your own computers and get caught by your mommy and daddy cuz they found pics of you masterbating to the animal porn you tried so hard to hack into. your a bunch of fuckin FREAKS! Behave, begood, beSafe

~*~*~*~JENNIFER~*~*~*~ AOL: flawless420mami, go ahead try me.

-- W0ot (, May 05, 2004.

yo "the girl who posted b4 me" u look hot in ur profile on yahoo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm id lick between your legs 4 hourz MAMI but wut u said is fuckin corny, i guess i wood have 2 rape that ass of urs instead of lickin it bitch

-- jon (, May 05, 2004.

thank you for the help im really happy i got past that cunt, she was a bitch, now my friends are happie too. i wish that i could also find out other ways to get past bess but im not that good of a hacker. if u r frustrated like i used to be , then use this. 1)go to tools 2)go to internet options 3) go to the connections settings 4)click on the lans settings button 5)un check all of the boxes except the one that sais "use a proxy server" 6)click on advanced 7)on the HTTP type in the numbers 8)wher it says port type in the number 81 9)click ok and you should be bess free

-- calum (, May 06, 2004.

didnt work. it said "You are not authorized to view this page"

-- Brando (, May 07, 2004.

sorry, it worked for me but only temporarily. i need a proxie that workes so that i can get into the anonymous proxie lists that bess wont let me into. then i will have a huge list that i can tell you guys. again, sorry.

-- calum (, May 07, 2004.

i have found a way at last. just go to this once you go there, click on the link "my home gateway" its underneath the first paragraph in the middle of the screen. once you get there, go to a then you will see a little strip that you can write in. just type in the name of the site that you would like to go to. and bess wont block you. Even though is the same as drew kroker, proxify's site looks cooler, and i think that it works better too. good luck.

-- calum (, May 07, 2004.

In Maine, they have this freaking STUPID mlti thing... just last week, two hackers were caught in the process of deleting files ( wow... 14 year olds hacking the school system... how simple. ) I do know how to hack, the thing is I'd like to stay out of trouble. One of the ways to bypass Bess is by going into the Admin theirself. If you don't have admin on the selection screen ( which should say student and teacher ), hold down Fn+Shift+ctrl ( I suppose that's all you hold down, I only worked it once... ) and enter the password. However, unless you can find the source, it is impossible. Although I been looking into it since last year, I haven't found a single working program capable of storing the password down. Once more, what the hell can do this if you have NO clue where to get a program? Simply search for a key stroke recorder, something that could possibly take down the password during their entry. The thing is, you need to be stupid enough to make an excuse. If you have access, go to something and say its not working, what I used was the resolution and what was wrong with it. ( turn it to 800x600 or 1024x600 ) If your keystroker can take down the keys ( that is, STAY LOGGED ON ) or if you can somehow find a file capable of getting the admin password, tell me. The admin password in my school is Fhqwhgads. NOT. Nyeh, love doing that. Or if you think ya got a lucky guess, try something about the admin at your schools favorite things or the school's name like JMS. But it'll usually be something stupidly complicated. I know, I know, kill Bess, throw glass on it, chuck nails on it, stuff daggers in their eyes, tear off their fur, make them eat dog shit, plant C4 in their brains and blow up their whole bodies till they melt into rubber, make them talk on cell phones, screw them in the ass, have sex with them... ehh you get my point Rebels and perverts... This worthless crap was sent by me, and you can only do this the old fasioned way unless your a hacker. So shut your mouth, find a way, and burn some GI joes... this can be long and complicated.

-- Ness-Crono-Jeff (, May 07, 2004.

dude you need to chill out and just do what i poste on my last message, it really works and im no hacker. you can go any where when you use an anonymous proxy. Plus when you use that, the sites that you go to dont show up on the computers history.

-- calum (, May 07, 2004.

does that work on mac computers,me and my friend found that and tried it and it says dns lookup cant be found or sumthing

-- grg (, May 09, 2004.

e-mail me about what ever u find

-- Fuck Bess (, May 10, 2004.

Hey, since you people can't follow my simple, but long directions, I decided to just put up some proxy servers instead. If you can change your proxy server, have fun with these! 8080 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 8000 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 4545 anonymous USA 8000 anonymous USA 8080 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 8000 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 8000 anonymous USA 8080 anonymous USA 8000 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 443 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 80 anonymous USA 3128 elite proxy USA 80 elite proxy USA 80 elite proxy USA 80 elite proxy USA 80 elite proxy USA 80 elite proxy USA 3127 elite proxy USA 80 elite proxy USA 80 elite proxy USA 3128 elite proxy USA

-- Andre Dionne (, May 10, 2004.

Oh yeah, and just ignore the "anonymous USA" after every one; that's just there to describe the proxy server type and location, but it doesn't go in with the address. Sorry about that!

-- Andre Dionne (, May 10, 2004.

just go to and then just search for whatever website u want okay good bye hahahahahahahahha!

-- Born TO BOMB (, May 13, 2004.

For some reason, the MLTI bull crap is like, practically locking down the whole system. There is something wrong with the proxies, they haven't been working since the hacker incident. If there are any cracks for getting into the Admin on a mac, I'd appreciate that... blah, the admin has full access to everything... hopefully I won't get another ISS for looking up ways to bypass Bess.

-- Ness-Crono-Jeff (, May 13, 2004.

If the computer your on has other restricting software on it like Foolproof and you just cant find a loophole,use this website:

Bess will be completly blind and you can go where ever you want.

-- Jeremy (, May 14, 2004.

that is a good site but is classified as a "p2p loop hole". so go to an anonymous proxie server that isnt blocked but is good enough to get you to such as . that is a good one.

-- calum (, May 15, 2004.


-- kdog ranknon (, May 15, 2004.


-- kdog ranknon (, May 15, 2004.

How to get by bess: Go to Then POOP! on the website you want to go to. (Triumph itself SHOULD be banned)

-- Killerlamb Beotch (, May 15, 2004.

Yo man thanks for this info it will really help in the things that i have to do in school.

-- Bubba Wade Cleapor (, May 17, 2004.

i dont think these things should be posted on a message board. i got here by searching google. it was the second site that popped up. anywho. we need a better system.

-- JP (, May 19, 2004.

I dont want to give it away on here cuz bees will block it but email me and i will tel you. WE MIGHT BE FREE!!!!

-- D. Devor (, May 20, 2004.

Hey, they already blocked it at my school, but sometimes yahoo can get around bess. and u dont have to use any of those long ass steps to do it. tell me if this works since i cant try it at my school.

-- Brooks (, May 20, 2004.

how do you use a proxie?? please help im new to this

-- dwight (, May 21, 2004.

I f-ing hate yall niggers

-- Samantha Jane Potts (, May 24, 2004.

thanks everyone for your help. although only one or two of these worked and i haven't tried. does anyone know if the schools have keyloggers for all of the students? if they do, a lot of this stuff may get you in trouble.

anyone wants to talk to me, my aim adress is gtlargo2

-- k0mmb4t3hst0rm (, May 25, 2004.

dude that does not work

-- mully (, June 01, 2004.

HAy i need help, i really wana get on My MSN messenger but gey ass bess, won't let me, plz help! im like, compleatly computer iliterate!!!(and i can't spell) if u can e-mail it to me

-- Meagan (, June 02, 2004.

This is how i got around it. Go to

tools internet options connections lan settings in the proxy server box click the square in address type in port type 8000

This should work you can not get rid of it completly because bess is your internet you can only work with it

and for people who have yahoo

go to yahoo mail and put an s after http like this

putting an s there works with a few sites like and

-- James Talboy (, June 03, 2004.

cool. thanx. Bess sux. i found that if you have an AOL account, you can bypass bess. get aol for mac (admin password necisary) connect to the internet through the mlti internet login The blocks are set to your aol account preference

-- Billy Pease (, June 10, 2004.

Can someone please tell me how to bypsss surf control which blocks any site containing main in the header and go to How do i fond the ip etc

-- Samanthi K (, June 22, 2004.

The easiest way to do it is go to notice there is no www and there is an s added to http this will work i personal payed the $20 so it works better and all the time.

-- Chad (, July 01, 2004.

the most simple way to get rid of Bess ...well not totally obliterate it is to use a keylogger..yes a keylogger is your friend in these kind of times...what you do is first go to a libarary other than your school's or your house or anywhere that isn't connected to to your highschool or middle school or wherever you are trying to access these,"forbidden" sites and then do a search on keyloggers in Google or whatever...then after you find the one you want..make sure it's free and has those cool features ..and just copy the shortcut of the download title such as this <<<<<<<>>>>> (<>>( websites mentioned are good sites to at least take a look at...

-- */ doodoo */ Donde esta el ₧░{? (, July 01, 2004.

You are my hero. Now I can put that frickin' dog back in the pound!

-- Mr. Bojangles (, July 14, 2004.

go to doesn't work with flash

P.S. IF you have a permanent solution, plz e-mail me and post on teh forum that you did... IT's my junk e-mail which I usually don't check

-- ub3r 1337 h4x0r (, October 05, 2004.

To bypass bess go to Once there click on the side link Once loaded click on the address bar to view the whole addrress On the address bar just delete from the address bar then in replace with it type in any website. When you enter that website you replaced it in. It should have a banner on the top of the webpage saying this is a play vortex filter free system. You can go to almost any website (XXX Sites) but sorry still can't check your email it screws it up

-- Kenny C (don', November 04, 2004.

alright guys ive been reading for about an hour and a half now and i have sometinhg slightly limited but doesnt fail. type in either one of this sites exactly as they appear here (copy and paste) and use them tyo serach the web for any site and you get unlimited access except sometimes java games dont work. only sometimes. (limited bandwidth here) (better than this one^)

-- fuck you im not stupid (, November 10, 2004.

people people people...... your all going a little overboard here. you claim to have all o these solutions but the fact is is that you cant beat the system. if u are atending a high school(witch most of you are) i wouldent try any of these "loopholes". none of them work and when they do work the addministration is watching you on your computer. belive me i work for the administration when you try to bypass they watch they learn they block. because i work at the internet upkeep department in the job i have the N2H2 official password to bypass but i am not obligated to hand that out. we have prosocuted 9 teens this year for trying to bypass bess....word to the wise..... dont...bypass...bess...ever..................

-- rusty shakleford (, November 12, 2004.

just type in in the address bar and there you go

-- penis jello (, November 15, 2004.

None of these pieces of shit worked. Give me one that goddamn works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx

-- Biggy brothers (, November 16, 2004.

u all r a mother fucken piece of shit u bitches

-- fhgfhf (, November 16, 2004.

BESS SUCKS! This worked for me, but Bess or the admin learned it:

I h8 you, Bess!

-- Dude Its Awesome (, November 17, 2004. in port 8000

'Nuff said. It works guys.

-- Hacker (, November 19, 2004.

Bess will soon destroy us all! Its killing me slowly and... hey! what are you doing, bess?! ahh!! I said it would take over, and I was right!!

-- Eamon Scarbrough (, November 22, 2004. was blocked on my schools system. then they blocked also. I go to a career center and my lab is all computers and we never have any work to do but the school keeps blockin our proxy sites cuz ppl run their fuckin mouths. so if u find any sites that you could just tell me that would help.thx

-- Liz (, November 29, 2004.

This might not work (if it does not then sorry)

-- Darkman (, November 29, 2004.

A little tip for all of you out there.A friend of mine told me that the bypass code for bess changes every day (or maybe sooner).

-- Darkman (, November 29, 2004.

Now I dont mean to offend anyone by saying this but you realy should watch what you post on this site.You never know who could be watching.If annyone working for bess sees this site than we,re all busted.Please find a safer method of sharing these secrets.oh and please watch your cursing.

-- Darkman (, November 29, 2004.

want porn?? go to type in anything to search and you got it.

-- Kyle (, December 03, 2004.

thanx for geting all of this crap blocked because you were idiot enough to post it online. Great. Next time keep it 2 yourself, k?

-- CDR (, February 01, 2005.

K guys one of the sites on here in this forum worked but i forgot the website name lol. But if u have the time try em all i swear to god i played the game runescape at school cause i used this website. Its something like fujiyo or some jappenese sort of name.

-- someone (, February 03, 2005.

Hey the hurgiyo one works for me at least. ty.

-- Ian Someone (, February 03, 2005. works. you can even play games. Only prob is it blocks cookies and stuff. Solution is to close out of hujiko mini browser one ur in da website u want. Peace out. P.S. I play the game runescape and if any1 else wants to buy yew logs add rune_mastr69. lol

l)3Ath to B355

-- Ian weber (, February 03, 2005.

Hey BTBCC BUCKEYEY TRAIL BESCRACKING COMMUNITY. We must get together some timeans kill bess forgood. We are acommunity called the llucky charms, and also live in ohio and are trying to finish bess for good. If you ever ever seethis message plz reply on this site. My e mail is fake so dont try that. Wemust kill bess!!!!


-- Ian Weber and the lucky charms (, February 10, 2005.

Hey every1, has disabled since May of 2004. still works, it disables cookies, so the CPU (and bess) doesn't realize what ur doing. if u do this, don't go to a place where a SN and a password is required; the cookies r disabled, so u can't log in.

Signed, Wacko Jacko Silly Goose 1 Silly Goose 2

PS: After Eating Lucky Charms, eat the green sludge at the bottom; its pure sugar! PS: is good for the porn site ==>--{(o)} (o)(o)

-- Lucky Charms (Wacko Jacko & Silly Gooses 1 and 2) (, February 12, 2005.

Hujiko got blocked at our school. Were still working on it at home although it may be blocked for u guys too. Damn. Peace out. Keep looking for answers.

-- Ian weber and lucky charms (, March 02, 2005.

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