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-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002


Young Ajax' home game against Eredivisie side Willem II in the second knock-out round of the Amstel Cup will be played on Wednesday 04 December, kick-off time 19:30 CET, in the Amsterdam ArenA (not at De Toekomst). Tickets went on sale today (season ticket holders only; free presale from 30 November onwards). The cheapest sections are only 5 euros. Support those guys!

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2002

The draw for the next rounds was made tonight. Young Ajax will play Willem II in the 2nd round, the winner of this game will play away to the winner of the match Excelsior-Sparta in the 3rd round. Ajax 1 will play at home in the 3rd round against the winner of the match Roda JC-NEC.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2002

A match report of Young Ajax' not-so-convincing 3-2 win (on golden goal) over SV Huizen is now available on Ajax USA!

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2002

2:2 was not the final score of the match. It was only the score at the end of the full 90'. It appears that Pipo and Boukhari pulled the goals back! PHEW!!!!While I write this,I can now also pass along the happy news that Jong Ajax have just won 3:2 on a golden goal by Norodin Boukhari.So says Ajax Also, Friday's opposition, Roda JC, were 0:4 ahead in their match.Number 646 on NOS Teletekst has the rundown of today's first round results. Oh, I hope I just need new glasses instead of reading that Jan van Halst and Abubakari Yakubu were in backline today.Walker, come home!!

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

Now 2:2 at de Toekomst.Don't know if it is final or not.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

Jong Ajax 1: Huizen 2 in the second half.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

0:2 :-(. This is with a number of Ajax-1 players in the line- up.Disgraceful.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

Bad news so far in the Jong Ajax v. Huizen match. Teletekst has the score at 0:1. Fortunately, it's still early.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

Correction: kick-off time for Young Ajax vs Huizen is not 18:30, but 19:30 CET.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

A quick reminder...

Tuesday 05 November, 18:30 CET - De Toekomst, Amsterdam

Young Ajax vs Huizen

(Amstel Cup, First Round)

The full schedule for the first round can be found on this page of NOS Teletekst. As most of you will know, the top Eredivisie sides (including Ajax-1) will enter the competition in the second round.

Of course, a report of this Young Ajax game will appear on the Ajax USA homepage.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

I just read a report, on, that Frans Adelaar has resigned as coach at FC Utreg. No truth to the rumour that he left after a vicious tackle by Franken-Stijn Vreven.I think Adelaar must be the only person Vreven hasn't delivered a cheap-shot to.The report states the separation maybe due to an "uneasy" working relationship between Adelaar and technical director Hans Berger.I know all Ajax supporters will join me in sending sympathy cards our pals at U(GH!!)- -trecht.NOT!

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2002

Utrecht got what they deserved - F*** All. Their style of play against Ajax is to try and kick their way to victory and I take it from the number of yellow cards they picked up in the final that this was their ploy again. Sure Wamberto was offside, but then it wasnt a penalty either.

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2002

Utrecht is looking for a legal remedy because of an officiating mistake? If this happened everytime an official made a mistake,think of the lawsuits.Dick Jol would be so busy in court, he could never ref. On second thought, that doesn't sound too bad. Seriously though, what a load of MAN U(re). And the US is frivolous lawsuit happy? Maybe Ajax can counter-sue because of the pain and anguish caused by the asinine pk award. If Utrecht wants more money, tell them to finish higher.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2002

Hi all,

This is my first time posting on this forum, although i've been following Ajax for the whole year:p

My first port of call is to congrat Ajax in winning the double. My second point is about Ibrahimovic. Although he's a really talented player, dribbling wise, I still think he's over rated. Don't get me wrong, I still think he's about to become a very good player, but not the best, even at Ajax.

For me, Mido is my first choice striker and depending on the game, I would choose between Machlas or Ibrahimovic. Altough Machlas is the better finisher.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2002

Some points about this magnificent season. First of all, I would like to stress my appreciation of how Koeman reacted over the Wamberto goal in the Amstel Cup final. He is a real gentleman.

Besides winning both Dutch trophies there are other things which we should be happy with. First of all there will be no major loss of players for next season (Chivu is almost definitely staying). Secondly the team which has won both trophies this season is very young and this obviously demonstrates an interesting future.

Another point is about Ibrahimovic. In my opinion Ajax should not loose such a player. He possesses fantastic skills and will be a determining factor in the coming season (if he stays).

My idea for the Ajax team of next season (4-4-2):

1. Lobont or Stekelenburg 2. Trabelsi (Right fullback) 3. O'Brien (Left fullback) 4. Heitinga (Central defender) 5. Chivu (Central defender) 6. Seedorf (Central midfielder) 7. Van der Meyde (Right midfielder) 8. Van der Vaart (Central midfielder) 9. Mido or Machlas or Raafel (Forward) 10. Ibrahimovic or Machlas or Raafel (Forward) 11. Maxwell (Left midfielder)

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2002

FYI from Anybody want to give them cup???? . . . . . . . . . . Thought not.


Dutch linesman apologises for Cup final blunder AMSTERDAM, May 14 (DS)

Assistant referee, Ronald Kloeg has written an open letter of apology to FC Utrecht and supporters of the club, after the blunder that cost Utrecht the Dutch Cup to Ajax on Sunday. Kloeg failed to see that Wamberto was at least a metre offside, when the player tapped home the injury-time equaliser, that inspired Ajax to victory on the golden goal rule. Kloeg wrote, 'when I saw the TV pictures, I couldn't believe that I hadn't noticed that Wamberto was offside when Van der Meyde crossed in the ball. I didn't have an optimal place on the sideline, and because of this, I misinterpreted the position of both players'. Kloeg has reportedly received threats from irate supporters, but failed to comment"on them. He did say, "I fell through the ground in shame when I saw the pictures. I just felt terrible. I think I have suffered an enormous defeat. This final should have been one of the high-points of my career, now it is a low- point".

Utrecht manager, Frans Adelaar said, "I think it showed class that he phoned me. He apologised exhaustingly for his blunder. But here everyone still feels broken. So close to victory and to lose in such a way - it is terrible. At least we are playing European football. Perish the thought that the club would have been counting on the result of the Cup final. Then Koeg's blunder would have been a financial catastrophe as well as one in sporting terms".

Adelaar was asked whether the linesman should be punished for his mistake. He replied, "Kloeg has been punished enough already. He has already had everything thrown at him. Our dissappointment is enormous, but he was walking around with a huge feeling of guilt. It will really take some time before he has worked this off. It is a cliche, but Kloeg is also a human who can make mistakes". Kloeg illustrated Adelaar's point by announcing a short break from officiating matches, "I wasgoing to officiate the play-offs, but my mind isn't really there at the moment. I think it's time to go without games for a few weeks". Kloeg was asked whether he felt he should be punished, but said, "I made a terrible mistake, but I don't think I should be punished. A player who misses a penalty at a crucial stage is not punished either".

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

That's right Geo. I suppose no reasonable person in the world can blame us for not giving a shit... ;-) *LOL*

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Yeah Wamberto was offside...But u know what?I don't give a shit right now!!!LOL!!!Ajax deserved the double this year...And i have to say something for some people(mostly f-word fans),that were talking about lack of strikers...Wait till next year...With our three strikers playing well for only the half of the season,u can imagine what will happen next year...

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002


-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Sweet indeed... :-)

However, the Dutch press will be writing about one thing only today: Wamberto's equalizer, which he scored (believe it or not) when he was at least a yard off-side. The linesman did not see it or - more likely - did not have the guts to disallow an Ajax equalizer, standing right in front of the Ajax end.

This feels slightly embarrassing. On the other hand: without Wampy's goal, FC Utrecht would have won the cup because of an extremely doubtful penalty.

I didn't notice Wamberto was off-side, cos I was behind the goal. We went out of our minds... I hope you can see the goals somewhere... :-)

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

To be down 1:2 in injury time, in a Cup Final, and rally to win. What a TEAM!! HUP AJAX HUP!! Congratulations and a HUGE THANK YOU to the players and coaches for a remarkable season.The cards have not yet been dealt regarding Zlatan and Wampie for next year but, talk about a storybook ending for this year. The team went from the outhouse, sacking its coach, to the penthouse. How sweet it is!! Think I'll have a jenever ,old of course, to celebrate. To any Ajax-USA members in Foxboro next weekend, I hope we can find time to drink a toast to the rood en wit.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

I just read a report,on Ajaxmania, that said Ajax has done da dubbel on a golden goal from ZLATAN!!!

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

I just read the squad selection for tomorrow on The squad is:Grim,Trabelsi, Bergdolmo,Chivu, O'Brien, Galasek, van Halst, Maxwell, van der Meyde, Mido, en Machlas. Named as potential subs, since one of the eight will not be included given the 11 starter and 7 sub places, Didulica, van der Vaart(!!),Yakubu, Wamberto, Zlatan, Ikedia, Pienaar, en van Damme. My guess would be that van der Vaart was named as 1)a tribute to his attitude, dedication, and work ethic and 2) a further morale lift for a side on the verge of something very special. He is not match fit and,IMHO, his inclusion would leave us short elsewhere.

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2002

Half way there for the double which also means, if I remember correctly from the Den Bosch game, that we are halfway to Bastiaan having the Ajax March tattoo'd on his back. Also wasnt it agreed that all the names of the sponsors of this historic event (the tattoo, not the winning of the cup) will also get a mention on the back. Go Ajax Go !!!!!

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2002

Important announcement

Today is the last day of presale for the Amstel Cup final in De Kuip. Some 3,000 "bus combi tickets" are still available (combined match and bus ticket). announced that it is now possible (today only!!) to purchase your ticket for the Amstel Cup final a Club Card at the Ajax Fanshop in the Amsterdam ArenA!

At the Ajax Fanshop, you can buy yor "bus combi" (51 euros) and a Club Card certificate (6 euros) - and you're in!

A great opportunity for Ajax fans from outside Holland to see Ajax win the double! Grab your chance!

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2002

Congratulations to all those who didn't sit idle when the numb-nuts responsible for Amstel Cup ticket allocation made their initial(and ridiculous) 5,900 seat allocation.Your voices and actions in support of our beloved rood en wit provide a dictionary-eligible definition of "supporter". I only wish I could join the now 13,000 Ajax supporters on 12 Mei. Have fun on the 12th!!

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2002

Here's how Ajax and FC Utrecht reached the final of the Amstel Cup. Both teams entered the competition in the fourth round, based on their high Eredivisie rankings last season... (stupid Dutch system).

AJAX started with a home game against RBC Roosendaal. The First Division side came awfully close to taking Ajax by surprise. Rafaėl van der Vaart wiped out an early Geert den Ouden goal, but after strikes by Van Loenhout and Hertog, Ajax was 1-3 down only sixteen minutes before the end. A dubious penalty, converted by André Bergdųlmo and a Van der Meyde equalizer, kept Ajax alive, after which Wamberto forced the brave First Division side to its knees in extra time. In the quarter final, FC Groningen had chances to open the scoring in the Amsterdam ArenA, but eventually succumbed to Ajax by no less than 4-0. Goals: Van der Vaart, Wamberto and two by Nikos Machlas. Surprisingly, the most convincing victory was booked at home against semi final opponent PSV. A Bergdųlmo penalty was followed by Galįsek and Van der Meyde goals, making it 3-0.

Just like Ajax, FC UTRECHT faced a top team from the First Division in its fourth round game: Excelsior from Rotterdam, the league leaders at the time. Brian Pinas put Excelsior in the lead in Utrecht's Nieuw Galgenwaard stadium, but second half goals by Tom van Mol, Dirk Kuyt and two by Stefaan Tanghe brought the hosts a 4-1 win. For the quarter finals, FC Utrecht was paired with SC Heerenveen. Playing at home (once again) FC Utrecht went a goal down (once again, Erik Edman was the scorer), after which Pascal Bosschaart, Igor Gluscevic and Dirk Kuyt brought Utrecht into the semi finals, in which (as we all know) Young Ajax was the opponent in the Amsterdam ArenA. Goals by Dirk Kuyt and Igor Gluscevic seemed to knock the Ajax youngsters out, but two goals by substitute Nando Rafaėl flabbergasted FC Utrecht and made it 2-2. The club needed a penalty shoot-out to beat Young Ajax: 7-6.

In total:

Ajax: 11 goals scored, 3 conceded. FC Utrecht: 9 goals scored, 4 conceded.


Ajax has no less than five topscorers in its Amstel Cup campaign. Rafaėl van der Vaart, André Bergdųlmo, Andy van der Meyde, Wamberto and Nikos Machlas all scored twice. Tomįs Galįsek scored one goal.

FC Utrecht's Amstel Cup topscorer is Dirk Kuyt, who scored 3 goals. Igor Gluscevic and Stefaan Tanghe scored two goals each. Van Mol and Bosschaart contributed one goal.

Amstel/KNVB Cup History:

FC Utrecht: 2 finals (1982, 1985); 1 KNVB Cup won (1985)

Ajax 18 finals; 14 KNVB/Amstel Cups won.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2002

I was just on and discovered,to my delight, that the goal video clips from Wednesday night's Halve-final are now available for viewing on Windows Media Player.Great goal by van der Meijde!

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2002

A HUGE Pennsylvania thank you to the person or person's who got the discussion boards working again. Switching gears, and more on point, Ajax sure picked a great time to break the PSV/ArenA jinx.HOW SWEET IT IS!!!Congrats to the players and coaches for getting us to within 90 minutes of the CUP.

Kudos to Ajax for playing with discipline (no gele kaarts or rode kaarts, even though Luinge was the ref). Kudos to the coaching staff for employing a side with a number of attacking players. Granted,I was not at the match to watch the run of play but, any team including Galasek,Machlas,Maxwell, Mido, and Pienaar doesn't sound like we played for one goal and then went into a defensive shell. Given the run of results against PSV, especially at home, a coach could almost be excused for not fielding a more defense-oriented side.1 down, 5 to go. Come on lads, keep the eyes on the prize, er , prizes. From the coaches comments after the match, I know the players will be hearing this over the next 5 weeks.

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2002

I agree 100% with Bastiaans comments about the joy of watching Young Ajax play this season. I have had the privalege of watching them three times this season and what pleasure they have given me and the crowd at each match. The joy on the players and fans faces after the FC Twente game will live with me for many a day. However, on Eurogoals yesterday they spoke about very serious rioting at the ArenA for the game against Utrecht. Was this media hype about hanbags at 5 yards or was there a serious problem ? I hope not as nothing should distract the public from Young Ajax's fine achievements this season.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2002


This is absolutely interesting news indeed. Thanks for the post. Us fans outside the NL & especially those of us who don't read Dutch is reliant on such info.

Because this match was "supposed" to be our match during Ajax-USA in March trip, I take even more interest in it. As you described, the build-up towards the match is tremendous; one hopes that there will be minimal trouble off the pitch.

I remember during the F-weerd match, quite a few Japanese fans (trust me, I can tell...) decked themselves up in Ajax clotheswear and *pretended* to be fans of the home side, got tickets to the ArenA and were sitting on the stands close to where we were, and were quietly cheering for Ono & the F-word. But they were discreet enough and did not make waves.

But this is different - I smell trouble...

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002

Immdiately after submitting the previous post, an announcement appeared on Ajax has decided to stop presale for the game with immediate effect, in order to avoid that more FC Utrecht fans will buy tickets for Ajax sections, using someone else's Club Card.


-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002

A quick update on what's currently happening in Holland...

The game between Young Ajax and FC Utrecht has become national news in a not so nice way. It's got to do with the ticket allocation for FC Utrecht fans. Ajax put 1600 tickets to FC Utrecht's availability, which is the standard obligatory allocation for visiting fans. FC Utrecht, however, wanted more tickets, because demand in Utrechts is huge. The FC Utrecht Fan Club wanted Ajax to send FC Utrecht at least another 1600 tickers (3200 in total).

At first, the Dutch Railways (NS) said 'no'. Only two trains were available on the night, which is enough for the standard 1600 fans. A few hundred FC Utrecht fans then set up a protest action. They occupied the railroad tracks near Utrecht Central Station on Friday night, and messed up train traffic.

Much to everyone's surprise, NS gave in to their demands and promised to make two more trains available, good for 3200 fans. It now depended on Ajax: was the club gonna send FC Utrecht 1600 tickets?

Immediately, hardcore Ajax fans announced violent action if Ajax was going to give Utrecht extra tickets. FC Utrecht and SC Heerenveen are the only clubs in Holland that completely ignore the KNVB regulations for away allocation, refusing to give Ajax the required number of tickets. Ajax fans demanded that Ajax would not give FC Utrecht more than 1600 tickets.

Negotiations between the clubs, Dutch Railways and local politicians took place at the ArenA, yesterday night. Ajax has announced that no extra tickets will be given. 1600 - and that's it. Ajax fans are very happy about this decision, but all over the internet, FC Utrecht fans are freaking out over this.

They have announced that thousands of Utrecht fans will come to Amsterdam on Friday, some with, some without tickets. This is becoming a big national issue over here, because reports are now popping up, saying that groups of several hundreds of FC Utrecht fans have bought tickets for Ajax sections - etcetera.

Even the most reliable media in Holland, such as the NOS TV and TeleText network, expect one big f%##$ng mess on Friday. Everyone's talking about this; not about the game itself.

I don't think this ticketing stuff is interesting to the average Ajax fan living abroad. This is yer typical domestic fan stuff, so we're not running it as news. Therefore I decided to post it here, for your information (if you're interested in the first place).

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002

For your information: on the Ajax USA homepage, it now says that Vitesse vs Ajax is the next game. Which is true, in a way: our policy is to announce first team games only.

But of course, the first 'Big Game' coming up, is Young Ajax vs FC Utrecht, the Amstel Cup semi final, this next Friday!!

Usually, we report about first team games only - and report about Young Ajax and Ajax A1 results in the 'Ajax Youth' thread on the discussion forum. Of course, we're making an exception for Young Ajax games in the 'big' Amstel Cup. We will publish a match report, but we'll run it as a 'news report', and not as a 'match report'. That's why it's not on the matches index page and not announced as the 'next game' on the homepage.

I'll post pre-game news about Young Ajax in this thread: 'Amstel Cup Games' rather than 'Ajax Youth'. For now, they're not 'youth'. They're a big team, running for the Dutch national cup! That's why we discuss this game here, I say... ;-)

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002

Just finshed checking the Dutch website. A short news item on the site states that the Ajax v. PSV Amstel Cup tie will occur on Wednesday 10 April. If so this would mean that Ajax would be playing 4 matches between 31 March and 14 April; Vitesse away next Sunday, the re-scheduled match home to Groningen on the 3rd, The cup match, and away to Sparta on the 14th.Also, Ajax would be playing 4 of the 5 matches between 3 and 28 April in the ArenA. The only away fixture being the aforementioned trip to "Het Kasteel" on 14 April.

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2002

Ajax Netwerk reports that no new date for Ajax vs PSV (Amstel Cup semi) will be picked before PSV's UEFA Cup games against Feyenoord. Only after the UEF Cup ties, it will become clear which dates on PSV's agenda are still open. This means that Ajax vs PSV is unlikely to be played before the end of April...

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002

Looks like Ajax definitely have the tougher schedule ahead of the March 6th tie with PSV. PSV was to have taken on SC Heerenveen at Philip's Stadion on Saturday March 2. Now,because of a 28 February UEFA cup tie, their 2 March match is rescheduled for April 1. This means the Eindhoven lot have 6 days to rest instead of the 2 that Ajax have. I guess this will get people thinking of that age old argument of League v. Cup. For me, no argument exists. BEAT THE F- WORD. PERIOD.Do that and the momentum of victory and a wild crowd can help our lads carry the Wednesday affair.

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2002

Holland does not stand alone in facing this type of red tape - here in Blighty the Police have had the upper hand in dictating the dates for replays and certain league games because say there is a street carnival 8 miles away. I realise that two wrongs dont make a right but as the old Ajax saying goes - Youll Never Walk Alone.

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2002

Be happy Menno. Think about it, you get to see Ajax's games n times. While some of us are just lucky enough to see a game on TV... :) While some of us might only see a game 2 - 3 times a year... :) Some of us even get tape delayed... You, on the other hand, experience a live game n times... inside the Arena, with all the fans singing, shouting, etc. What an experience that would be... :) You even get to see youth games... Wow, you are soo lucky...

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2002

Hey folks,

Ben Bell replied to my previous post (in an e-mail). I decided to share my reply to him with the world...

This was Ben's e-mail:

"I doubt the "Saints" ,"Priests", and " Nuns" which comprise the Utrecht Supporters contingent would be thrilled to tears about an All- Amsterdam final either. Especially as Jong Ajax would be the conquerors of Utrecht. It ain't the fault of Ajax that Rottendam's team CHOKED!"

And these are my thoughts on the subject...

That's right. Can you believe it? This whole discussion is soooo *Dutch* (visualize a disgusted look on my face when pronouncing the word *Dutch*).

Imagine... Manchester Utd and Liverpool qualify for the FA Cup final. Then, the FA and Wembley Stadium management say: "Well, now it's two northern teams in the final... we might as well find ourselves some city up north to host the final. Maybe Newcastle?"

Would that happen?? No f*cking way! The FA Cup final is played at Wembley (section 1 of the British Constitution, or something...) - and that's a law. Back in the 1980s the KNVB Cup final could take place in any city. The system was pretty much the same as in Champions League and UEFA Cup: by the time of the quarter finals, they picked a stadium for the final.

In the early 1990s they decided they wanted to create a *tradition* and decided that it was gonna be De Kuip from now on. Good decision. It's the best stadium in the country and the Cup final immediately became more prestigious. F-Word was in it for the first two or three years in a row, so the Cup final was always sold out. And it stayed that way. The Cup final is always sold out, even when it's Roda vs Heerenveen. BOth teams had 25,000 fans along. Fantastic atmosphere. The Amstel Cup is more alive than ever.

And now? Apparently, one unexpected scenario is enough to screw the whole tradition and go for something more practical. Dutch politics are too *reasonable* (disgusted look on my face again) and *practical* (dito) to ever create a true tradition in football. Every silly flower market or fancy-fair is a reason the mayor and police the right to cancel a professional football game in this country.

Post-poning the Young Ajax semi-final is an example of it, too, by the way. I mean: the semi-finals have fixed dates, which the KNVB picked at the beginning of the season. Before the league starts, the KNVB has a meeting with the mayors and police commanders of all 18 Eredivisie cities. They can file complaints about the proposed league schedule etcetera etcetera ("no high risk opponent in our city on September 06 please, cos my wife's dog is having its birthday" or whatever), until everybody agrees about the Eredivisie schedule, *including* fixed dates for the Amstel Cup semi-finals and final.

The Amsterdam police *knew* that Ajax-1 and Young Ajax were both in the Cup. It's just that they never expected Young Ajax' campaign to last that long. But as we all know, a fairy-tale became reality. The police chief must been praying as Rafaėl van der Vaart performed the draw on 07 Feb: "Please God, not two home games..."

But two home games was what it turned out to be - and suddenly there was a problem, with three high risk games in one week. The KNVB should have said: "A problem? You've had the chance to complain about the dates at the beginning of the season - it's too late now. Sorry. The game is played as scheduled, and if not, it's 0-3 to FC Utrecht."

But no... if a police dude comes up with some reasonable (or completely ridiculous) story about 'safety' or 'pressure on his people' or whatever, that's usually deemed more important than a professional football, for which 50,000 people bought a ticket, between two major companies (cos that's what they are) with annual estimates of 75 million dollars or something.

What a country... Every complaint by some old grandma is taken seriously. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork... You need to fill out ten forms and apply for a license every time you want to take a leak in this country... YUK.

Anyway - thanks for listening, folks. Good morning U.S.A. ;-)

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2002

Just sent a news report to Jim... He'll put it up when he wakes up, but I'll post it here, cos some of you are probably waiting for news... (Jim, you can delete this post once you've updated the site).

I consider this good news, by the way. We've lost the Young Ajax game, but at least the Feyenoord and PSV games (the best ones anyway) are now certain.

Ajax vs PSV Amstel Cup game to be played on March 06

20 February: The Amstel Cup semi-final between Ajax and PSV will be played on Wednesday, 06 March, kick-off 20:30 Dutch time, in the Amsterdam ArenA. No date has been found yet for the second semi final game, Young Ajax vs FC Utrecht.

Dutch newspaper *De Telegraaf* reports that the game will "almost certainly" be played on Friday, 29 March. However, this was not confirmed by

In spite of the fact that the Amstel Cup semi finals were originally to be played on fixed dates (06 and 07 March), it seemed highly unlikely that both games would be played as scheduled as the draw determined that both Young Ajax and Ajax-1 are to host a so- called 'high risk' opponent: FC Utrecht and PSV, respectively.

Dutch football clubs are divided in three risk categories, based on the number of registered hooligans amongst their supporters. The 'A category' ('high risk') consists of four clubs: Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV and FC Utrecht.

Ajax is due at home against Feyenoord on March 03, which would increase the number of maximum risk events to three in only five days' time. This would put too much pressure on Amsterdam and Dutch Railway police forces, responsible for transportation of visiting fans to the ArenA, as well as safety before, during and after the games.

A date for Young Ajax vs FC Utrecht will be announced soon, but it is certain that the game will *not* be played during Ajax USA's trip to Amsterdam, from 02 to 10 March.

However, it is now certain that the attendees will get to see Ajax-1 in action at the ArenA four times in eight days' time, including games against *both* traditional top opponents: Feyenoord and PSV. There will also be a chance to see the 'Cupfighters' of Young Ajax in action. Their due at De Toekomst against Young Willem II (09 March). (MP) *(Source:, NOS Teletekst and*

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2002

Surely Utrecht's Nieuw Galgewaard Stadium will not be big enough to house everybody who would want to see this one if both teams are lucky enough to get through. During the time I worked in Rotterdam in the late 80's and early 90's, I certainly picked up that the last thing they would like would be an Amsterdam party on their doorstep - even more reason for having it there !!!!!!! But at the end of the day, I believe it will be the police which will enforce a change as I doubt if they will be too amused by the influx of Ajax fans.

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2002

Another interesting little thingy from the article in De Telegraaf: if both Ajax-1 and Young Ajax advance to the Amstel Cup final, it is highly unlikely that the game will be played at the Amsterdam ArenA. Jan van Merwijk, director of De Kuip in Rotterdam, said that the ArenA could have the final if it turns out to be an "Amsterdam party" (*LOL*), in exchange for the pre-season game for the Johan Cruijff Shield (Dutch Super Cup), which is traditionally played in the ArenA.

However, the Amsterdam ArenA is sponsored by Grolsch Beer. Amstel Beer, sponsor of the Amstel Cup, reportedly does not want its final to be played in a stadium sponsored by Grolsch... According to De Telegraaf Utrecht's Nieuw Galgewaard Stadium would be an option for a possible Ajax-1 vs Young Ajax final.

WHY UTRECHT? I WANT TO GO TO ROTTERDAM and PARTY THERE! They'll never get over it, just like Ajax winning the 1972 European Champions Cup in De Kuip... :-)

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2002

FINALLY: news on the Amstel Cup semi finals... This morning's De Telegraaf reports that Ajax-1 vs PSV will be played on Wedenesday, 06 March, and that Young Ajax' game against FC Utrecht will be post-poned to 29 March...

No confirmation on yet, but I expect that today.

Which means: one Amstel Cup semi final during 'Ajax USA in Amsterdam, March 2002' - not two. Frankly, we really shouldn't be disappointed about 'losing' the second semi. I never really expected both semi finals to be played as scheduled, because that would have meant: three high risk games in the ArenA in five days' time. That's a no-no for the police.

My fear was that they'd post-pone *both* semi finals. This news, which I think is true and will be confirmed by Ajax today, means that we'll have three Ajax-1 games, including games against Holland's top sides (Feyenoord and PSV), in one week, plus a Young Ajax game at De Toekomst. Is that package of games good compared to last year, or what?? (back then: only one Ajax-1 game, against NAC).

You'll never get a more interesting set of game in one week's time ever again!

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2002

Rotterdam is getting nervous!!! Jan van Merwijk, manager of Feyenoord Stadium De Kuip already suggested that if both Ajax-teams reach the final it would be better that they play it in Amsterdam: "That will be a unique Amsterdam party and it is better to have it played in Amsterdam."

The manager still has to talk his plan through with the ArenA and with the KNVB but he likes to trade the Amstel Cup final with the Super Cup, which is traditionally played in Amsterdam.

But if both Ajax-teams reach the final and Ajax-1 will win the league, the Super Cup will be again an Amsterdam party. Van Merwijk doesn't know if that game wouldn't be better of in the ArenA also. "I still hope that Feyenoord wins the titel."
(source: ANP)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm soooooooooo proud to be an Ajacied!

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2002

Holy cow, what a night...

And what an atmosphere...

And then Rafaėl pulling out two home games... The draw took place immediately after the FC Groningen game, on the pitch and it was shown live on TV. The crowd went nuts when Young Ajax came out first (so they were sure to play at home). The F-Side started yelling "Utrecht, Utrecht" - and it actually became FC Utrecht. SO, at that point, Ajax and PSV were sure to play each other. The ArenA turned silent when Raffy took the home side out of the bowl... "Ajax!" Man, what a party it was...


-- Anonymous, February 08, 2002

First of all: let me say how cool I think it is that you Americans support Ajax. I myself am an Ajax fan from Holland, and went to the great matches yesterday. Although I've been at a lot of Ajax matches, I've never seen an atmosphere like yesterday. Everybody was shouting, singing, and the Mexican wave seemed unstoppable. The crowd stood behind the two teams as one person, and fraternised. That's Ajax at its best.

Hope you have a great time in March, and will see (both) Ajax (teams) advance into the finals in the rotten Kuip. I'll also be there.

Greetings, Frank Verduijn

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2002

What a great night of football - how fantastic it would be to see 2 Ajax teams in the final in the De Kuip. 40,000 odd Ajax fans in the F- Word stadium - wouldn't it p**s the F-word off big time !!!!!

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2002

Okidoki...COOL! Draw took place right after the Ajax-Groningen match in te stadium. Rafael van der Vaart did it on the pitch and made sure that BOTH (!) Ajax teams will play (again!) at home! Ajax-2 against Utrecht and Ajax-1 against PSV. The dates for the matches are scheduled on March 6 and 7. So there won't be a double match like there was today. If the Amsterdam police will be happy with this is yet uncertain, cuz there is also an Ajax-feyenerd game on March 3rd (and another home game on the 10th...).

BUT...IF everything will go as scheduled, this means that Ajax-in- March is already a success, cuz the travellers probably can view 4 home matches in one week!!! Including a unique Amstel Cup spectacle. Can you imagine??? I still can't.

Let's first wait and what the Amsterdam police will say. We'll keep you (of course) informed.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

Happy Birthday Jim!!!

I bet Ajax will win when you watch them during your March trip. You are their lucky charm! :)

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

Number one, I am really pleased to see that Ajax actually read my message this morning and did as I asked! Glad to know they care! ;-)

Number two, I am so excited! Best birthday present I ever got. Now, if the VI website is to be believed, Ajax and Young Ajax play another home double-header on March 06. I didn't think the draw had occurred yet, so this is probably just speculation. But how awesome would that be!? Fans of other clubs would have a very real beef, seeing two Ajax teams play six home matches in a row in this competition. Who cares! Let's do it!

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

Being the curious type,I wanted to see if Ajax-1 Amstel Cup opponents, PSV, had a difficult run-up to the March 6th tie. I was concerned because we play the F-word on Sunday, 3 March.PSV has no cakewalk either,I am happy to report. on 2/21, PSV play host to Leeds United in UEFA Cup play .On 24 February, they are host to Utrecht. On February 28, they play at Leeds. On March 3, they host FC Heerenveen.If ever there was a time to defeat PSV, Ajax seem to have a golden opportunity.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

Breaking News: Young Ajax advance to Amstel Cup semi-finals by beating Stormvogels Telstar 3:0! Goals by Jason Cullina (60'), Stephen Pienaar (66'), Stefano Seedorf (69'). Ajax 1 is next, vs. FC Groningen. There's a match report in Dutch, with pictures, on

C'mon Ajax! Beat FC Groningen!!!

BTW, when and how will the Semi-Finals draw take place?

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

Dear Ajax,

Look, let me lay it on the line for you... I don't ask for much, and I certainly appreciate all you've done for me. But now I'm gonna ask... Today's my birthday, and I think I deserve a nice present from you. So please, please win at least one game tonight. Two wins would not be too much to ask, but I don't want to be greedy. A victory tonight means I get to see an Amstel Cup semi-final during our March trip to Amsterdam. What a great present for this loyal servant of Ajax... :-)

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

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