Celtic Quilting

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Does anyone here do any Celtic quilting-the type with the bias tubes appliqued? It seemed to be popular a few years ago, but I havn't seen it latly and I love doing it-I make up my own designs since I can't find any of the books anymore. I'd be interested in swapping ideas and tips.

-- Kelly (KY) (homearts2002@yahoo.com), February 06, 2002


I think that Clotilde's catalog has some books. www.clotilde.com

-- Ardie/WI (ardie54965@hotmail.com), February 06, 2002.

Kelly, I saw a book on Celtic Quilting at the library this week. Maybe you could get a book through inter-library loan.

-- vicki in NW OH (thga76@aol.com), February 07, 2002.

Vicki-do you know the name of it? I tried about 6 months ago to get one that was featured in Keepsake Quilting through interlibrary and they were not able to get it for me-that was the only time interlibrary loan didn't come through!

-- Kelly (KY) (Homearts2002@yahoo.com), February 07, 2002.

Kelly, I'll probably go back to the library sometime this weekend. I'll get the name of the book and the author and email it to you.

-- vicki in NW OH (thga76@aol.com), February 07, 2002.

www.scarlettrose.com has a good selection of books on this subject.

-- Helen Marshall (h.marshall@blueyonder.co.uk), January 24, 2003.

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