777 Fine Grain Formula

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For those of you who've followed the Harvey's 777 thread, this may not be news. Fred De Van has a new article, Remembering 777 on the Unblinking Eye website. Also included are comments by myself, Ted Kaufmann and Larry Price. We'll probably add to it as we continue to experiment with both the original Harvey's 777 and our homemade recipe. 777 seems to be an excellent choice for portraits and nudes. Check it out.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edb@unblinkingeye.com), February 06, 2002


That's a very exotic formula. Nice midtone to highlight with conventional films seems to be the biggest sales point, but...

How does it compare to HP5+ or TX in fresh *stock* D-76?

(Talking about gradation, Not the grain or sharpness)

-- Ryuji Suzuki (rsuzuki@rs.cncdsl.com), February 06, 2002.

In the past I have read about Defender's and have wanted to try it but never did. After reading your article... I want, I want, I want to mix up some of the 777 soup! Thanks Ed.

-- Scott Walton (walton@ll.mit.edu), February 07, 2002.

Remember: Para-phenylene diamine and some of its derivatives are highly toxic by skin contact, inhalation, and ingestion. They cause very severe skin allergies and can be absorbed through the skin. Handle with care.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edb@unblinkingeye.com), February 08, 2002.

Very interesting article. I've wondered about 777 ever since the 70's, when I saw a number of prints by Charles Harbutt (a Magnum member at the time, I think). They were big enlargements from 35mm TriX, developed in 777, and I remember being very impressed with the tonal qualities.

-- Tim Nelson (timothy.nelson@yale.edu), February 08, 2002.

Gee... I had forgotten all about Charlie.... He was one of the 777 afflicted too. What a great guy, magnificent wit and fine photographer. Yes, he was Magnum.


-- Fred De Van (fdv1@ix.netcom.com), February 13, 2002.

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