What is A Raver And How do you know If your A true Raver?

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It's a bit of a silly qestion I soppose. But I thougt it worth asking.

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2002


your a fuck'n retard stupid and I hope u od on e!!!

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2002

yes never ask this question ever again!!!!

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2002

Oh no sweet tart oh no

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2002

Just for asking that question ur not a true raver u stupid fuck

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2002

Man Fuck This. It Seemed Like A good Fucking Qestoin at the time. I'v I don't See Whats So Fuckin Wrong with it!

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2002

you know your a truee raver when u dont give a fuck abotu what the people above say...man i do it for me, no one else fuck the haters Peace Love and Ecstasy

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2002

uhhh no one answered this question right. raver= party kid, loves music and loves to dance, (tecno musik). rave= a party held in warehouses with dj's who spin with vinyl on turntables. so a raver is someone who goes to these warehouse parties. there are no such thing as a true raver although others may say different like a true raver follows plur(peace love unity respect, but not all do.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2002

I've only been in the scene for a year and a half and I'm always considered the "kid" of the group because I'm only 16. but even at 16 I know that a rave holds their own in shitty situations and respects every individual for who they are.... not what they appear to be....

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2002

hahaahaaha!!roflmfao!what iz a raver??you gotta b kiddin me!!youre gonna cum on here and ask that question?you must b krazy or braindead or maybe you just have alot of gutz if ur gonna cum on here to ask that!! P.L.U.R. ~*Ash*~

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002

If you know how to spell, you aren't a raver. P.L.U.R.!

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002

WOW check out all the negitivity. no wonder people dont ask question all it gets you is people jumping in your ass. but seriously if you are a raver you just know. you dont need anyone elses reassurence.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2002

lol..."raver" is just a word..you dont have to label yourself as anything..i've been going to raves since 95..it's my life..but i dont call myself a raver because i am much more than a single word that catagorises everyone who goes to raves...don't call yourself a raver "and never ask "how do you know if you are a TRUE RAVER..THAT'S LAME! and as far as the other peoples responses talking about PLUR..you can stick that up your candy asses..anyoneone who mentions PLUR is usually lame as fuck or is fake or is new to the party scene...if you truely believe in and show PLUR then others will see it and know you're cool...if you are trendy and fake and stupid then you will mention it and put on a front and and people will also see it..so if you truely believe in PLUR show it and dont talk about it

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2002

RAVER... this is a MORE THAN A WORD!! THIS IS WHAT YOU LIVE BY< RAVES THIS IS WHAT YOU LISTEN TO < RAVE MUSIC WHICH IS Everything that's NOT ON THE RADIO! haa.. RAVER.. R is for RUNNING and Jumping when you get to the RAVE. A is for the ACTION that goes down on the DANCE FLOOR. V is for the VIOLENCE THAT WE AS RAVERS don't BELIEVE IN. E is for the ECSTACY That's TAken ALL OVER THE WORLD! not Just in Raves and GIVEN THe scene a bad name! R is for REAL RAVERS< WHO KNOW WHAT THE HELL I HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THIS WHOLE TIME!!! YOu don't know what im talking about your not a RAVER, you put down people who go to RAVES your putting down POTENCIAL RAVERS, DON"T HATE< and DON"T GOT TO LIE TO KICK IT!!! YOU a RAVER SAY it, BE PROUD< THAT YOUR SOMETHING AND NOT NOTHING!!! SPEAK YOUR MIND AND LET YOUR SOUL BE FREE>>> LIVE LIFE GUYS< DON"T HATE IT!

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002


-- Anonymous, May 10, 2002

Raves are for losers. I've been to them, experienced them, and lived them. They lose their excitement. Ravers are just looking for that intangible rush, feeling...more or less....they are losers. I'm a loser, but at least an educated one thats not strung out. Go Bears!


-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002

wow you guys are chodes!

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2002

a raver is a teenage wanna be center of all attention popularity contest between the smith's and the jones' - hatfields and mccoys - your not allowed unless you fit the bill. The bill is collected in cash, goods, dope, or sex. The highest valued commodity... sex.

y say i this that I really don't know.. probably because of the pretentious attitudes I've been getting from people who, according to themselves, are on the "inside" track and as such,as also according to themselves, are on a level higher than any one else whom has been left out in the cold.

A raver, you see,get chosen and "let in" - this, of course, gives them clout and symbolic power in their little society of make believe friends.

Love and Kisses - forever amen JMR

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2002

FUK U ALL THAT HATE................... gO SWEET TART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2002

A raver is a person who can sit down & enjoy the music every part of it from the beats to the words to the bass to the notes, but a raver can also be a person who knows how to work glowsticks while enjoying the music. A true raver is a person who has learned all this on thier own. Raveing is a thing that really cant be teached it's just a feeling (not on drugs on anything) You can be a true raver without the help of drugs. Oh well I gotta bounce PLUR!

-- Anonymous, June 22, 2002

Ok people, Listen up. True "RAVERS" should be respectfull and except everyone. Not bash them for something so stupid as asking a fucking question. I always felt that when I went to a rave everyone looked out for everyone else, whether their new to the scene or not. You dont need glow sticks, big pants, fuzzy backbacks or stupid cheap plastic beads, just yourself! I feel what makes someone a true "raver" (and I absolutly hate that term) is knowledge of good music, unity with others, and love for humanity. You dont even have to go to "raves" or parties to be a "true raver" All you have to have is respect for the scene and the music, oh and most of all the man or woman who makes the whole night come together.....THE DJ! PLUR...FOR EVERYONE!

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2002

i am appaled at the negativity toward someone who i think asks a good question hoping to learn from the experience of others. you negative assholes are punks. in retaliation im not going to define that for you.

bro, a raver is someone who's into the rave culture. within the rave culture there are various groups and all ages. if you live for the music and respect your neighbor, you're a raver.

peace out!

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2002

yea fuck all the hate over a fuckin question..... that shit is crazy how ppl gonna hate over a question....a goddamn question....damn ppl are gettin out of control in this mutherfucker......but there is no question that is a stupid or wrong question....thats the only way to find things out in life....think of how many stupid fuckin questions all of u hatin muthafuckers have asked in your life....shit,a bunch. So there ya have it!!!P*L*U*R*forever

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2002

ok ok, i think all you plur showin freakz need to calm down a bit ;) lol, as i read most of these answers to her question, i thought to myself...gee, this is what it has come to, this is our fuckin scene...we, the "ravers" only have one thing in life that keepz us together, and watch us ruin it....ya'll need to calm down and let things flow...don't stress so much over what thingz are and what they ain't, keep yer friendz tight and the musik playin, and it'll be alright...who carez about the rest

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2002

fucking loser..

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

Really, to live for the music with respect for your neighbor??

Damn, I guess I was wrong then.


sorry bout that.


-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002

I lone ravers but I just dont get IT

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

OK call it a party stupid follers and fo real and if ya call it a "rave" and not a party then ya really dont know much about the scene and if ya say PLUR one more time im gona have to go psycho on ya crazy beatches and fo real the glowstick , visor, beeper thing was had meaning a couple of years ago and fo real reasons now you peeps just do it to fit in cause your real life sucks and ya caint be ya self and ya listen to stupid happy hardcore and buy compalations at media play fo 14.95 go fuck ya selfs and then go shoppin and get some cool clothes damn big pants are SO not cool. (big shorts are though hehe) love ya hos

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

Regardless of what the different interpretations are -- it's about having fun.......being young.....and taking advantage of our youth. We should be happy that we all dig the same atmosphere......Ciao!

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2002

Look it up in the dictionary

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2002

u fuckin poser!!!

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2002

All you guys have no heart. There are alot of posers out there and this kid is just trying to figure it out. Be nice and try not to say fuck quite so much, try saying plur instead. I hope you have a nice day sweet tart.

Mwuh, Love Sparkle Spakle

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2002

Also dazu sag ich nur, ein raver ist einer der alle möglichen Party`s besucht und hin und wieder auch drogen nimmt!Er nimmt diese drogen aber nicht aus sucht, sondern dafür das er zum beispiel ein paar nächte lang durchtanzen kann!!!Und wie du ein raver wirst, daß kann ich nicht sagen!Nur daß du schon seit geburt an NUR auf TECHNO HARDCORE und DANCEFLOOR stehst und du schon immer gern auf wilde party`s gehst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~es die raver!~~~~~


-- Anonymous, September 12, 2002

RaViNg iSn'T a sTYLe, iTs a pErSoNaLiTy. YoU cAnT bUy tHe cLoThEs, mAkE tHe bEaDs and oWn tHe pAciFiErS tO pRoCLaiM yOurSeLf oNe. RaViNg sTaRtEd oUt aS a fUn liGhTfiLLeD eVeNt wHeRe iT wAs tHe MUSIC tHaT wAs aPPrEciAtEd, aNd nOt hOw wELL yOu cOuLd gLosTiKk oR wHaT rAcE yOu wErE. NOW iTs sO cOntRovErsiAL bECaUse oF aLL tHosE sToOpiD kIdZ oUt tHeRe wHo ThiNk yOu hAvE tO bE "AZN" tO rAvE. tHeY tHiNk u hAvE tO KnoW tHe vOcaBuLaRy, or KnOw eVeRy tRaNce DJ oR dReSs LiKe oNe oR tALk LiKe oNe. iN rEaLiTy, hOwEvEr, tHeSe pEoPLe aRenT tRuE rAvErs. TheSe pEoPle LauGh iN yOur fAcE bEcaUsE tHeYcAn gLosTiK bETTeR ThaN yOu oR dAnCe bETTeR. WutEvEr hApPeNeD tO tHe MUSIC???

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2002

Rave is a feeling not a mental thing. Rave comes from the heart. I stopped going to partys back in 97' but i still am a raver and i always will be. It is you that is the rave not what anyone else might tell you. For all of the other people out there that only have negativity in them shouldn't be going to partys or they should come down off there ego cloud. Remember the RAVE is in U! PLUR

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2002

you guys are all fucking losers...the scum of society. how the fuck are you ever going to support families and contribute to society when all you do is dance in a fucking warehouse and fry your brain on shitty drugs? wow...green hair and a dog-collar chain are really fucking cool...you guys are sooooo different...such individuals. you really make a difference in the world. you're all useless and awful candidates for parents. what you people really need to do is just OD and get it over with. no one in the civilized world thinks anything of you..other than that you people are garbage. You never finished high school..you'll never win at anything. And it's funny that you think reading and writing are un-cool...just because you're too brain- dead to make through a newspaper. Don't hate the people with brains. You just flip our burgers and mop our floors!

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2002

this is for fuckface, above... what the hell are you doing on a rave website? are you just mean-spirited? i think you probably dropped out of high school and had a baby at 15-- real smart! i've been going to parties for 7 years, college for 2, writing volumes of poetry for 15, reading everything i could grab my entire life, and my IQ is... well let's just say it's higher than anyone named fuckface's could ever be. go watch sports, you dumb fuck. ravers love you, even though you're an ass- you're just ignorant! flip your own burgers, cuz with your attitude you'll never amount to anything. XXOO

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2002

Just don't worry about it man. Just rave and shit. You know. It is about having a good time. Fuck these internet punk ass kids who would never say this kind of shit to your face. The internet makes people say what's on their mind rather than what they would say to you in person anyway. Smoke some herb about that shit. Chill then. Go ahead and rave on and fuck it.

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2002

fuck that pussy

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2002

Mann, jsut in joy the seen and thats it. just knowing the music. Other wize its a dumm ? cause its jsut knowing the faxs about what your doing............. i GUESS?

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2002

Rave is staying up til 2 on a school nite twirling poi strings infront of your mirror listening to your fav musikk on repeat...... rave is having to spankle your celling from the hundreds of little dings you glow sticks made whe the vibe hits you and your let your strings alittle out of control...... rave is knowing where to buy glowsticks at 11 PM, or keeping 6 glowstyks locked in your glovebox @ all times. 4 Stykes for you and a bud and the other 2 for a challenger, keep raving hard and don't sleep til you see the sun...

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2003

a raver isn't really something that can be described .if you are a raver you know it because you can feel the vibe. You shouldn't base it on the way people dress or how well they can challenge a person . A raver is just a person who can feel the love i guess.And i agree with lily on that dumb asshole fuckface .If you want to say shit like than you should just keep it to yourself.Peace Out people keep the love ....*P*L*U*R!!!!!!! :D

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2003

Blah! You guys are forgetting the true meaning of PLUR!!!! you guys just argue about a simple question... Maybe some just discovered about the whole Rave Theme! Respect Others!! you guys are the ones forgetting about this... I bet you guys just go there to get fucked up in raves... you guys just probably go there... and yet you dont know the whole background... If im wrong.. well it does look that way... Come on! everyone must know there roots.. YOu guys where once that way!!! PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT!!!

Later Dayz

Snootch to the Nootch!

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2003

some of you guys are sooooo mean!! sweet tart asked a question, and you all just totally jump on her?!?!?! it's simple a raver is just someone that's into the whole nightscene. it's all stereotypes, like all ravers are labelled druggies, it's stupid. just be yourself, you don't need to do E or anything like that to be a raver. don't let the haters get to you, just be you :) later days

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2003


-- Anonymous, January 25, 2003

shitzZ maN... haha wat ish a real raver? you dunt givE a shit wat other pplz think... ish all about deE music... haha and how YoOH ravE... goTzZ to knoe wat chu doin or YoOH gunna make aN aSs other YOoH ay. haha watevbas.. iM rEeTaRdEd... but ish all bout p.L.u.R. hell YeH.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2003

a true raver doesnt have to ask the ? you are your own person a glowstick doesnt make u one or the way u dance just WHO U ARE

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2003

Music. The only tangible thimg left in a lot of out lives. I have been to some world class clubs and underground events too. I always bring a newbie, someone to expierience the global trance nation and the plur of a truly caring and forgiving atmosphere. And true to the zombie nation, the rolls are great, but the music.... Just rave to be free. BAZ/DJ ENCORE/OLIVE/BENT/IAN VAN DAHL/DJ CRYSTAL WATERS/DJ JEFF/KMF/MARSHA/DO/AMANDA/-HOUSE, D&B, TRIP HOP, AMBIENT, HARDCORE, HAPPY 2B, PROGRESSIVE, FUTURE TRANCE, BREAKHOUSE, TECHNO, DEEP HOUSE


-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003

It's all about being part of a stratified, socially divisive social group while spouting ridiculously trite and nebulous ideology and focusing on the most frivolous and petty social and material signifiers... and occasionally, as an afterthought, thinking about the actual music it formed around, but only when nobody's around to type in alternating caps or make cracks about glowsticks.

It's like being goth but with more colors.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003

I'm offended. Im a party kid not a raver, get it right. "Ravers" are the ideal new skool fucking stupid ass Candie kids.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2003

yo i think a lot of u on here are really stupid. sweet tart asked a legitimate question and most of u flamed her. that to me tells me that u r posers and not true reavers. as a raver i try and help people and help interest them in music and the whole scene, not make fun of them. and wtf is this plur shit? once again im sure most of u dont live by that and u r just trying to live up to the standards that u hold true to being a raver. being a raver means being in it for the music, the drugs i dont think are a part of it. u can meet people dance listen to music and have a good time. i think all of u that bad mouthed sweet tart should take a look at what they think they are and at what being a raver really is. thanks jay

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2003


-- Anonymous, April 15, 2003

Jesus Christ! Almost all of you are fucking idiots. You go around preaching PLUR, then call someone a pussy. What the hell? That will start an arguement so it's not peaceful. It's obviously not loving or repectful, and you can't be united with someone you hate. I bet half of you do E so you can "be yourselves". How the hell do you be yourself when your high? Your personality is altered by the E. I hope all you dumbfucks realize how often you contradict yourselves. Also, did you see the "It's a bit of a silly qestion I soppose." part of Sweet Tart's question? Obviously she knew it was a risky question to ask, and probably asked it out of curiosity. On a side note, I am no raver, and I don't care to be one. I love glowsticks and photon lights, hate drugs, think teal electrical tape is cool, and like video games. Label me whatever the hell you feel like it... but make sure it agrees with the PLUR you preach about. Now goodbye, I hope you "ravers" or whatever the frill you are choke on your E and begin to really live your "PLUR".

P.S. Sorry God, about the whole name thing. I had to make my point.

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2003

Damn you people are funny and disgusting at the same time. You would be hard pressed to find a raver that will admit he/she is one they would rather you just think it in the back of your head yet never ask you. they dont need to wear the typical clothing or be fucked up drugs. And all you little snotty 15 year olds bashing sweet tart thats a pathetic attempt at self proclaiming how much of a leet haxor top noch raver been in the sceene since 1886. You are showing your ass and its not doing you any justice.


-- Anonymous, April 23, 2003

Dang yall should stp tha harrasement of sweet tart and chill. if u love pepl, and somewat liquid or rave & dance then yur a raver, look at yur reactions (da violent 1s) yall r still raverz but chill and jeez hold tha cussin were a society of love & music not hate and cussin & violence.sweet tart asks a good question (even though there is no true answer other than yur reaction) the way u reacted 2 the question is wat describez weather yur a raver or not. by the way im 14 and live in Texas if yall r wonderin y i say yall yall. Peace love & rave

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2003

A raver? A raver is a person that dresses in baggy jeans, fag-ass additude, always 'knows (DJ name), we be tight', Claims to be 'hardcore!' and has no problem being a pompus ass.

P - 'P'lease give me drugs! L - 'L'et me borrow $20, i'll pay you back tomorrow... U - 'U'nless you wanna just gimme the $20. R - 'R'espect? man, fuck you. you're broke.

yeah... that's about all it boils down to.

I hope you all die.

-- Anonymous, June 03, 2003

u stupid candy ravin pacifier lovin ass!!!!!!!!!! i really hope you overdose on e!!!!!!!! how old are you like 10???????

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2003

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-- Anonymous, August 20, 2003

okay, ya'll are mean! granted, that is a stupid ass question. i've been going to raves since i was 14 and then from the first time i went i knew that i was a raver. nobody knows but u! it's just something u feel. a belonging and a rush from the music (even if u are fucked up on E, that just makes it better). But when you can enjoy a rave sober and not give a shit about what your wearing or what people think about, when you go because you love it, not for anyone else (except maybe the deejay), then you know your a true raver! P.L.U.R.=0)

-- Anonymous, September 04, 2003

Alrite guys chill out for a minute, mellow out, mayb this person was just introduced to the scene and is interested in listening to real music instead of any rap shit or or punk rock, metal, headbanging bullshit, mayb they want to go to a rave or a party or a club and learn how to actually dance to music instead of standing there while sum chick you don't know who might have herpes or some shit rubs her ass all over you.

Look, sweet tart, there's no definition for a raver, (but quit calling us that) we're just party kidds that love the music, love to dance loves life and wants to live it to its fullest, you don't need sumone else to reassure you that your a party kidd, all you gotta do is live the life and have fun doing it, whether your an E-tard, kandie kidd, or just there because your interested in learning what we are about, no more, no less.

(Listen all the dick heads raggin on tart and keep repeating "PLUR" its obvious your all newbies or fucking wanna be's, if you really know wut PLUR is all about, you live it, you don't say it)


-- Anonymous, September 17, 2003

This goes out to Frosty, i'm a Kandie Kidd, you call me ideal new age, fake even, i can't speak for all of the Kandie Kidds out there but i can say this, see your a party kidd, ok cool, by the time your 35 you'll be out of the scene, you'll quit going, but me and every Kandie Kidd i've met every where i've gone, shit, if life was perfect, the night we die we would be ravin, i don't mean to sound pissed or like a ass but i'm willing to bet you've never been to an actual "rave", your probaly jus a club hoppin wanna be, thats pissed at the Kandie Kidds because you can't afford the beads to make your own kandie.

(I really didn't mean to sound so uneasy and pissed, that wasn't very peaceful and i apologize to every one, I even apologize to frosty)

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2003

Hey Everybody! Well Im not really on to answer this question...I dont think there really is a definition- if you are a "raver" you know it. I agree that if you really live by PLUR you dont say it, cuz thats advertising like you are trying to get people to see "oh look i wrote plur im a raver" I dont know if Im a "raver" or not...I just started gong to these thigs not to long ago with some friends who have been into it for a while. I just moved here frm halfway across the country. But I go cuz the atmosphere is so great, people are so cool- you can totally be yourself and there isnt any stereotypical shit. You dont ahve to suck pacifiers and glowstick- but it doesnt mean if you do your a poser- for alotta people that just goes with raving.(I think its cool tho) All I know is I go cuz I love the music, to dance, and to feel the beat and the vibe racing through me, pumping adrenaline and just having a good time (and not on drugs- i think you can be united without E, but Im not a hater on people who do) ItS AlL AbOuT tHe MuSic - altho i love the "style" or whatever that goes with it- but if you have that you have it cuz you like it and not cuz you want others to think you like it- thats what its all about- DO IT FOR YOURSELF! ******Thanks A Bunch and dontstopdancing!************

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2003

come on people, shut up and just dance! the music is our drug!

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2003

Man oh man. This is the reason I stopped partying about a year ago. Everyone obsessed with image and how "into the scene" they were. There were even some guys back in London who used to call themselves Jedi Ravers and put themselves on a pedestal. Monkeys. Whatever happened to good old fashioned equality, hedonism and self discovery?! To Sweet Tart, just have a blast and do what you feel. Anyway, any of you people know of anything going down in Va? Most inquiries drawn a blank so far. Just moved here and thought I might give the US scene a go - seems like some people still have the feeling!

Love to y'all!

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2003

oh boy....you are lucky u didnt get e-flame from this ...! LOL let the flaming begins!

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2003

HEY YOU GUYS I am not a raver I just started getting interested a few weeks ago through some freinds who are. But you guys keep talking about love you tell each other to love and then you cut each other off at the knees. Maybe a true raver is someone who always contradicts themselves. So what is most important, The Music, Plur, Sex, Drugs, or all of the above how many of you usually find yourselves in bed with someone new after a rave. I am truly curious please give me a response here or email me thanks

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2004

Its me again new E/mail address send it to this address thanks

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2004


-- Anonymous, January 21, 2004

A true raver? Hmm there are no more raves, hence there are no new "ravers". I have been in the scene for 7 years now, I'm 22. I have been a Dj, promoter, and I now own my own Production company, www.Unityproductions.us. I don't call myself a "raver", I'm a party kid. But to sort of answer your question. Your not a raver just becuase you have been to a party. Its a lifestyle. Your not a real "raver" if you can't go to a "rave" sober. If you can go just for the music and to dance and you go sober, your making an effort. Its not about the clothes, the kandy, the drugs, or whatever you see on Dateline news. If you honestly support the scene and try to do whatever you can, whenever you can, to support the music and your not afraid to back down from whoever because its your life, then you can come close to calling yourself a raver. Fuck the drugs thats not what its about. Like Frankie Bones said, it is about peace, love, unity, and respect for everything and everyone. Plur is not just a word. So be careful throwing around unless you mean it.

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2004

what the fuck?seriously what the fuck?

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2004

Ok, lets see, i have read through almost every post here, and most of you people seem like you have been parting for what 2 years. I have been in this scene for close to 7 years now. And i started out as a idiot popping pills, and trying every drug that came along, but you know what i had a fuckin blast. I learned my lesson, and got into the music. Like most of us do, i know run 5 companies. Let's see

Shattered records Shattered Management Shattered Clothing Shattered Events Shattered Photography they are all under the parent company Shattered Inc. So i go from drug user to money maker, and what is this shit about ravers are scum of the earth, dude i could by your house and your car. and the clothes off your back, then let my security beat your ass'. The last thing this scene needs is people trying to say it ain't shit. we have done many research into the average party kids. Most of them work harder, make more money and do better in school then people who don't go to parties. let's see, we love techno, which in turn makes us love all things high tech, such as music, web pages, computer systems, everything that has to do with electronics. So how the fuck are we the bad people. To be a raver is not a title i would even want. I remeber when i was younger we hated ravers, cuz they are the new kids ruining shit, either your a party kid or kandi kid, but if you were a raver it ment you were a fuckin poser. I have been spinning and producing for close to 5 years, and seen probably about 50,000 people at different parties. and nothing isw worse then watching stupid little ravers pop pills and then geek out all night. Come tothis scene to enjoy the music, yes some of us do drugs, but don't take it to the extreme. Geze we got brains and we need them so let's use them to keep the scene alive.

also drug use at parties has whent down 78% in the past 2 years, so we are improving.


-- Anonymous, March 09, 2004


-- Anonymous, April 11, 2004

after reading all of that i guess im a raver also.....that was easy.....hey everyone greenspun just turned me into a raver that was easy

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2004

there's not really a right answer but this is alittle of what i think. a raver is someone who loves to move his hands a lot and to use his mind for other things. someone who fuckin loves teckno, hard house, trance and hard dance. for any body that likes hard dance music here's a dj name for you but good luck finding him YOJI BIOMEHANIKA -- HELLHOUSE RECORDS, SUPURB TRAX and avex trax someone who loves yoji is a true raver. everybody has there own way and style of being a raver. Me, i take drugs and liquid and box dance like a motha fucka. holla

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2004

whoa........ i hope i dont see all you people at parties..... just eat a bean and erase that MEAN

-- Anonymous, May 22, 2004

do ya sel a favour keep on jumpin to the sound its time to be a raver!

-- Anonymous, June 22, 2004

give the guy a break so he doesn't no anything we've all been stupid fucks be for....now thats all pop the pills and be happy

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2004

well who are you lot to tell him/her he/she's not a raver. you're all being grumpy gusses... have you forgotten PLUR?!?!

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2004

i do not want to answer that because you told my brother that we were hillbillys and i hope that you will get hit a car too ugly

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2004

fuck you! fuck you! fuck you! you cool and FUCK you!! IM OUT!!!!! represent for Grand Prairie texas!!!! give me a holla if you know me at my cell it is 469 831 7709 laterz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2004

I am a fucking raver! P.L.U.R

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2004

well i donno every body raves in there own way... i have seen alot of ravers and posers and well who cares your just there to have fun...dance...mess around...RAVE ITs A BLOODY PARTY..............who cares what other people thing your there to let go and have fun if you thing your a raver then good for you just dont make a big deal its not about whos the best its just people who like to have fun and lets leave it at that

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2004

Hmm...can't sleep. Stumbled upon this funny link and felt somehow compelled to add my own comment. I don't really party much anymore (except in my kitchen to "breaks" while cooking crepes or semi- dancing with headphones around the city or perhaps having sex to techno/house, etc) "RAVER" and "RAVE" somehow became this taboo "uncool" word to use. "They painted the roses red!!! Off with their heads!! Actually, I don't think many people really every used it..."a party" sounded much nicer to my parents when I was 16. However, when I tell some of my crazy stories that took place 10 years ago during one of the best chapters of my life so far...I usually end up using the word "rave" to make a distinction between the parties I went to and clubs. I was lucky enough to experience a fucking amazing musical movement (that is apparently still going on...I just burnt out a little..haha) and I don't really care what it is to be called. No word can really create the experience that it was for me. Is this too long to post?? ha...later

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2004

Hey! i cant belive i just read nearly all ov them! ther are alot ov different ravers out ther who like different styles ov rave tunes wiv different attitudes 2wards raving! but i think as long as u love the musik ur in! Heres my sorta rave musik! www.uprising.co.uk www.dizstruxshon.com/ n mi fave DJ www.topgroove.co.uk/! ne1 wana sawp sm tunes or tapes email me! becky xxxxxx

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2004

its all about the sex, drugs, and rave n roll :). plur!

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2004

Now now, lets stop all this negativity, whether your a techno head, trance head, raver or whatever - lets get on - we are humans afterall.

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2004

LMAO alright. I've been in the scene for like 2 months but I would consider myself as one cuz I've always wanted to go to one. It's extremely fun depending who's throwing it and there's no bad vibe. I don't see why the fuck people bash about it. What the fuck? I mean are you guys like the little bitches in "Laguna Beach"? Where you just sit around and have little get togethers and sit next to a bonfire and talk about the past in highschool and what not? Been there done that, I wouldn't really call that socializing if you just talk to the same people over and over. Get the fuck out and go to clubs and shit. lol "wannabes who want attention?" LMAO ok, That's why raves are so secluded because we don't want little bitches like you who think they're high and mighty. If it's not your style then fuck off, no one wants to hear anyone bitch about it. You just suck and the bottom of society. Thanks Later.

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2004


-- Anonymous, November 03, 2004

Raves ruined my life!!!!!!! I was a raver, it cost me my friends and my family. Now i'm just strung out and tired. I'm just fed up with all that bullshit. IT SUCKS!!!!

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2004

thats to much drugs m8! oni kiddin a spose bin into raves is gud n all that but i dont wana do it the rest v mi life! bt am nearly 17 bin into rave 4 3yrs goin 2 em a gud few month n am young! so rite naw get smashed n cant wait ill boxing day! i ont think al be dun by new years! ne 1 wana sell me sm tapes?

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2004

Man oh man. This is the reason I stopped partying about a year ago. Everyone obsessed with image and how "into the scene" they were. There were even some guys back in London who used to call themselves Jedi Ravers and put themselves on a pedestal. Monkeys.

-- slackerjoe (jos_alpha@hotmail.com), October 26, 2003.

thank you slcker joe, i really resent that comment. the jedi raver movement was a big family of friends who knew that when they went out clubbing they would always find someone they knew or that was a part of the family in any london club, we were not monkeys and certainly did not get on any pedestal. it was assholes like you who made out that we people who thought we were special. we wasnt, so shut up and dont ever use my name to slag down what a raver is.

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2004

When you learn to feel the beat and let it take you to dimensions only music can take you, when theres a passion and a feeling for the music, when you feel connected to everyone there wether you know them or not, when you have a good time take care of yourself and respect the drugs your on and surounded by, when you have that special feeling inside, when your happiness and joy is induced by the music and the love, when you just know, thats when your a raver, you dont need anyone to tell you when, you just feel it and know, take care be careful and respect the unknown, smile and be happy

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2004

Yes Sweetie I do agree, stupid fucking question, you do fail on them grounds, you shouldn't have to ask that! There is no such thing! - Nevermind, nothing to be ashamed of, you'll learn. But to all you other cunts who are giving this poor uneducated (in raves) person shit, you obviously don't know fuck all neither, so fuck off back to your little shit dens that you stuck-up fucks call raves, keep looking over your shoulders making sure you look good for the sit down crew, and get back to the core values - PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, RESPECT! Show a little compassion, thats what they USED to be about. Raggamuffin business - SEE!

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2004

A raver is just someone who likes to go to raves. simple.

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2005

LOL oh man to see how just the word raver started a completely different subject and such constervousery, well to this ONE simple quwsetion you asked Sweet tart what is a raver you know, when i started raving, around age 15 i was being called groover, beats me but from that to club kid , don't know whre the hell candy came from cause they wasn't really no label prob back them good old 1990's , i do feel i am a true raver always have i just kick what i feel now i'm 25 i feel i always try to do some help keep it alive , but you know how the rest go! I always said dance like you gonna die!! So SHut The F**** Up and Dance silly , lots of love and respects to the old school and new, just have fun responsibly!! :D :3 (i'm still kicking my beads dammit ) lol!!1

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2005

Why do ravers have so vide eyes? -THEY HAVE TAKEN AMFETAMIN! Why do ravers have so narrow eyes? -THEY HAVE TAKEN HEROIN! Why do ravers have normal eyes? -THEY HAVE TAKEN BOTH! Why do ravers have enamel eyes? -TO FOOL THE POLICE!

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2005

A raver is sum1 whos open minded opened ears opened hearted opened legs,its basiclly sum1 who lives4life or shal i say the wkend, enjoying every minute+respecting humanity also sum1 whogets a kick when their stompin awayin a filthy sweaty smelly tent or outdoors in sum random field ugota hav a bonfire thatdef makes it complete lol its beta wenur ofur face inmy case wateva ican getmy hands on il do cozi lovez me drugs iget sucha brill buzz istil aint answerd ur question u askin howd doya know if ura true raver its simple coz if uwere a raver uwudnt ask that question, you may have been to a rave. You probably know a bunch of ravers, but they may think of you as an outsider. That's okay, at least you are not a complete freak. PARTY HARD AND STOMP AS MUCH AS U CAN U SOON KNOW IF UR A RAVER OR NOT! AL RAVERS AT THE END OF THE WK EACH OF US BECOME A FREAK!

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2005

jus read other ppls replies n imust admit yeh i love partyin n ilove getin fucked n ilove music BUT drugs hav caused alot of probs at first it was jus an ocasion this n that then iwas doin em al da time igot caried away em ive bin homless 3 times i lost my bf and sum fuckin good mates al bcoz igot fucked up on drugs n istil am fucked up im in loadsa debt ive got in wiv da wrong crowd although i love me mates n that but bcoz their alot older bin their done that sorta thing ive bin influenced by wat they do n im not sayin im a sheep coz iaint ilead me own life ijus dnt hav ne self control so partyin n drugs can overtake who u r THEIR IS A LIMIT u may not see it now but uwill wen u stop, if u can party wivout drugs ur hardcore- if uneed drugs ur fucked up- if u hav control wiv wat u do keep it up dnt get me wrong drugs r fuckin buzzin ido em way to much so ppeps jus dnt get caried away raver or not u r wateva u r :)

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2005

Seriously, alot of the comments stated on this site are ridiculous. Everyone on here talks about Peace and such and then flames someone else, just about every single person on this thread is a hypocrit. Raving has absolutely nothing about the drugs, just because E makes you feel like a kid, and helps you feel the music better because your brain is moving slower, doesn't mean that it makes you a "True Raver" I have never been to a rave, but I know I have appreciation for the music and get chills from some beats more than alot of people do.

You can catch me liquiding or just bobbin my head and moving my knees to the beat anywhere, cause Im always wearing headphones just about.

I do find that most of the flaming on this site probably is deserved, because everyone really does think its about the baggy pants, the stickers, lollipops, highlighters, and the multi colors, but the truth behind it all really is in the love for the music. For the fact that everyone uses the music as a bond between one another to state that you have found someone else with the same interests. Raves are just like big chatrooms, I guess you do have your idiots running around saying, "wut up room, y0, hey, ya" or whatever. But alot of people I have known as party goers are very intelligent people, with high paying careers.

The rave lifestyle isnt meant to be abused with drugs, and such. In fact, lately, cocaine and heroin has been introduced to the rave scene which really makes me not care about going to some raves, because people let things like that get out of control, Its because of people like you that make raves illegal.

I consider myself a "Lightswitch Raver" for the fact that I dont truly go to raves. I love to glowstring and do fire poi in the desert in between Las Vegas and Henderson in Nevada. I listen to all kinds of different music, not just techno, trance, jungle, drum n bass, ambient. But I listen to others as well, but I know that anything you woulndnt hear on the radio, and anything you hear at a rave or most clubs is what sticks in my head. I taught myself how to do poi and too hit up the turntables, I can liquid for when its daylight outside, and I know how to dance for whenever I feel like just bustin out.

If there were anything to say about bein a "True raver" is to just be yourself. Don't let anyone ever get to you about what you love. If you can find the beat from the washing machine, brushing your teeth, and just appreciate the world around you, your fine. Most ravers aren't all about PLUR, but thats fine, because they dance to the music just like everyone else. Just have a good time. Just find your type of techno, or whatever else you want to listen too for yourself. Because the difference between the music genre, is the difference between the people we are. Do you get it now?

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2005

It´s unbelivable how that question made 3 years ago is still getting answers!! If u want to enjoy the party just do it, don´t worry about being something just let your senses do their work (without needing drugs would be better), and no matter what just treat people right.

And my comment about the "respect issue" is that if people do drugs they´re not really respecting themselves, I know it feels great but you are hurting brain, well just do it moderately :)

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2005

I don´t think it is a stupid question. If you don´t ask-you never will know. The only thing i think sucks is all the people who think they are cool because they put people down. We have all asked that question, and few have asked it out loud. No wonder this concept has been created ("true raver") if there is no solidarity and humbelness for people who have a hard time. If you go to raves you are a raver. But remember - you are not only a raver, perhaps also a brother, sister, mother, lover, friend, neighbor, etc. ---all at diffrent times.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2005

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