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Will the company store have copies of the new FREIGHT TRAFFIC GEOGRAPHY OF THE SAL at the Jax 2002 show? Also...maybe someone familiar with Jacksonville can provide a map showing the best route from the hotel to the Prime Osborn Center. I know this was discussed last year because several members, including myself, weren't clear how to get there. I am looking forward to the meeting and the show. Thanks!

-- Richard Stallworth (ThisIsR@aol.com), February 04, 2002


Richard, I understand you guys will be staying at the Airport Hilton? If thats the case, very easy to get to The Prime. Get on I95 South from Airport Rd and come down to exit 116, Church St. At the bottom of the exit ramp is a traffic light. Go straight through. A short distance up the road forks. One fork goes right, the other kind of goes straight but it eventually curves to the right as well. Take the one that kind of goes straight. It will circle around and under the interstate and come out on Forsyth St, one block from The Prime. Its one way, so slide over into the right lane as quickly as you can and turn right on the 1st street you come to, which is N Johnson St. You'll be looking at the side entrance of the Convention Center at that point. Turn right on Bay St and make your way to the parking lot. Thats about it. Getting out, turn right on W Bay coming out of the parking lot, go back to N Johnson and turn left. Go two short blocks north to West Adams St. Turn left. Its one way. You'll be right there at I95. Follow the signs to I95 north and you're home free. Hope this helps. John

-- John Buckley (dragondog@juno.com), February 06, 2002.

Richard; I will make sure to have a copy waiting for your arrival. We will be using a different hotel this year for this meeting due to the change in dates getting to the show should just be a short drive south on I95 to the Prime Osborn Center exit.

-- Gary Riccio (g.riccio@worldnet.att,net), February 04, 2002.

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