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Many local people will have heard recent statistics about the inflated cost of housing.

They may know that when they apply for credit their names are included on a credit reference register.

That information is sold to many organisations who claim they are fighting fraud. In fact they cause many innocent local people to be put on credit reference blacklists or even worse. These organisations also use the electoral register and this is sold to these companies. Our councils have been selling this register but a recent High Court case - Robertson and Wakefield Council (16th november 2001) has meant we may be able to opt out of having our names supplied to these shady organisations.

But beware they have not given up. Banks and building societies are now being forced to hand over your details that they get from you (check the small print on your loan/mortgage/credit card applications - they insist you give them that right). If the banks do not give them the information then the credit reference agancies will not give them in return what they have on you from other sources.

So just when we thought we might have got these people under control they are finding ways around the new laws. By the way it is likely that you will have to opt out from the electoral register which is sold. The new system will not give you that right so many will still have their details supplied to the credit checkers without their knowledge.

The electoral roll is the credit checkers most essential tool. They make millions from using it. The country is now languishing under 700 billion in consumer debt. Isn't it about time these snoopers were brought under control?

These are key areas that banks need and use to unfairly give adverse credit files to many unsusfecting people. We all should reject their blanket checks done in this way for cheapness. We should be lobbying our MP's and boycotting companies that use them. I know they all do, but we should make it clear in inquiries that we will not be using those who routinely credit check - then threaten to take our business elsewhere. Try to find alternative sources of funds for small loans unions and avoid credit and other cards and insurance companies who also use credit checkers. Please put other ways to stop the snoopers on the site.

-- G. Brow (, February 04, 2002

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