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What has Lara Myers, identified as "emerging artist" in January 2001 San Francisco Art Magazine (.com) been doing lately? Where can I see her work?

-- (, February 04, 2002


in feb. 2002, i had a show at the crucible steel gallery @ cellspace in san francisco. it was quite a success and got reviewed by the sf chronicle's website! the reviewer called it "pure brain candy!"

the show was an text/audio/image installation of my personal ad series. it was the first time i had displayed the entire transcript of the text from my personal ad project. the text was printed on vellum sheets and two 10' x 9' panels were constructed from the sheets using metal eyelets and rings. three of my aluminum pieces with acrylic image transfer and text engraving accompanied the panels. audio of the responses was projected into the space and was also available via headphones.

my work is currently in an exhibit opening sat. 4/27/02 8pm at the brand new mission district gallery, lola gallery. located at 2519 mission between 21st/22nd. the exhibit runs until 6/15/02 (by appt only after the opening night).

i am currently beginning work on a new project that will document individuals' personal experiences surrounding 9/11/01. if anyone is curious and might want to participate in the project, please e-mail me at so i can tell you more about the project and what your involvement would entail.

thanks for posting the question--it was fun finding it on the web.

lara myers

-- lara myers (, April 27, 2002.

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