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I am researching for a possible book on the Charleston and Savannah Railroad. Does anyone know where I might be able to find any annual reports (besides the 1863 report) or any other documents related to the railroad? Is there a library somewhere or a repository of records of now defunct railroads that I might be able to research in? Any advice would be appreciated.

-- David Stone (, February 04, 2002


Hi David, You might want to try the GA Historical Society. I know they they have lots of things going way back on the Central of Georgia so they could have some things on the C&S. Hope I helped! Jason

-- Jason Casting (, December 29, 2002.


You might want to also try doing a search on the Charleston and Savannah Railroad at one of these sites. Also don't forget to try the archives at Duke University and elsewhere in NC.

South Carolinana Library

SC Historical Society

South Carolina Department of Archives and History

Good Luck Joe

-- Joe Bartolini (, February 07, 2002.


I know the Library of Congress has an 1853 map showing the numerous routes proposed by the C&S. If you do a search for the C&S on you should be provided with a link to the L.O.C. The map can be viewed online. Interestingly, one of the initial proposed routes appears to have been used later by the Ashley River Railroad to build the shortcut between the C&S Johns Island Sta. and Ashley Jct.on the Northeastern. This shortcut later became the ACL mainline, and the former C&S mainline to Charleston became the ACL's Croghan Branch.

You might also consider researching the files at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History in Columbia, SC. Not really sure what they have in the way of C&S materials. Good luck with your research.

-- Buddy Hill (, February 04, 2002.

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