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Lender: Halifax PLC

Hi, I've been living with this problem for some years, but it has now started to make me ill with worry. I bought my house in Salford in 1991 for over 35,000, it is now worth nothing because the area declined and various tenants moved out, their houses being subsequently burnt out / boarded up etc. You can't even give the houses away. I have about 13,000 outstanding on the mortgage which I can pay off, but I really can't live with the stress of having the empty house (I know longer live there) and paying council tax etc. for the privelage. I have lost All of the money invested in the property, and just want someone to take the place off my hands. I would love the Halifax to reposesses but despite several approaches in writing etc. I just get the reply "we don't have a scheme for someone in your position..." The house is unsellable, I want rid of it. I have been reluctant to cease mortgage payment for fear of my future credit rating - any suggestions ? (I am willing to repay the debt, I just want rid of the property)

-- Dave Charnock (david.charnock@hse.gsi.gov.uk), February 04, 2002

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