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I jumping in on the 67 bandwagon, going to be selling all my 4x5 gear plus whatever phhoto gear I don't use and then gearing up in 67 equipment plus using my plastic where I need to get a bag of 67 gear. My question is where is a good place besides the EBay crap shoot to get good used equipment? Good stores with a voice on the end that knows 67 gear and that always has 67 gear. I know Del's camera in Caifornia was great but he cloased his store last year. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

-- John Miller (, February 04, 2002


Try KEH (see, but you can call and talk to a human). I've bought two Pentax 67 lenses from them and have no complaints about their service. They usually have a good assortment of Pentax 67, 6x7 bodies available.

-- Bill Hahn (, February 04, 2002.

John: I can't give you an exact dealer, but can advise where not to buy. I wouldn't consider the larger mail order used equip. simply because it contains lots of "pro use" stuff. Pentax 67 is definately a Pro camera, but many of the larger mail order used stock is full of equip that's been run through the mill. Actually, I've had good luck with E Bay, just insist on a return policy and look for amateur use. good luck mark smith

-- mark smith (, February 04, 2002.

Last time I was in the States, I had a good experience with "Midwest Camera" (I think now at A good supply of stuff, especially wider lenses. If you need advice, call and ask when a MF user/employee works. I also got a great deal on the 150mm and 200mm lenses from Ritz Camera - not the department store/mall outlet, but the family camera buisness of the same name. They rae in the Southwest U.S. and have a website and photo bulletin board. I have also bought 35mm stuff from them and always been pleased. They are at or or some such thing.

-- Miles Stoddard (, February 04, 2002.


So far I have picked up a mint 67 waist level with case via EBay, (actually a camera store, selling on EBay) and ordered a new Beattie interscreen with grid from B&H in New York. Thanks so far for the suggestions for the stores.

-- John Miller (, February 05, 2002.

There is a pretty good 2nd hand market in the UK. For the most reputable dealers (who export a great deal) try the following dealers who I have used in the past.

-- Tony Estcourt (, February 07, 2002.

I've bought exclusively from KEH and Focus. Both are great.

-- Kevin L. Keller (, March 01, 2002.

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