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My now husbands home was repossessed about 8 years ago and they are now chasing him for the shortfall (which obviously we dont have).

Question is - are my assets at risk? This was all stuff I had before we married - the house, credit cards, car etc...and I am with the bank that dealt with his then mortgage! Do they have automatic visibility over my assets?


-- lisajh (, February 04, 2002


No, they can't touch assets which are solely yours. We are in exactly the same position, except because we didn't know about the shortfall, I transferred my house into our joint names when he moved in. I don't know if the Halifax will try to get their money from our house. Does your husband own any part of your house? Good luck with it all. Helen.

-- Helen Hawkins (, February 04, 2002.

No husband doesnt have any claim on the house as far as I am aware. I chnaged my name with Barclay mortgage recently (been married less than a year) and they asked if I wanted the mortgage to become a joint mortgage and have another name put on it but I didnt. Only thing is they said I would need to sign a form to confirm the house was still my sole responsibility but I never received the form.

-- lisajh (, February 04, 2002.

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