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I have to compare both versions of Hamlet. Then I have to write a proposal about how I would do a movie on Hamlet. I'm thinking about making it geared to children. Do you think that would be a good idea? Any better ideas?? But my main problem is with the movies. Help!!!

-- Jamie (, February 04, 2002


Which two? If it's Zef. and Branagh, then that's easy. Zef. bites and Branagh rocks. See? Simple.

As for making it geared toward kids, my 10 year old niece loves Branagh's version. She will sometimes hum the St. Valentine's Day tune to herself. I explained how lewd the end of the song is, and that made it all the more attractive! Honestly, it's such a powerful story with strong enough dialog that you could do it with sock puppets and I'd watch it! (I actually almost did that once - Polonius was to be a paisley dress sock.)

Have you watched both films? Did you find yourself confused as to who was doing what in the Zef. version? Could you pick Zef.'s Horatio out of a crowd? No? That's because it's crap. BTW- did you spot Michael Maloney in BOTH films? No? That's because the Zef. version is crap!

Hmmm. Do I have a slight bias, do you think?


-- mikken (, February 06, 2002.

Oh, THANK YOU mikken, I'm cacking myself again. And it's sooo truuee! Please do do the sock puppets; and video it; and send me a copy!

Truth is, nothing compares with the Branagh HAMLET. It's unique. All hail Kenneth Branagh and why the hell isn't this man knighted? It's complete (even the BBC one isn't that).

It's beautiful to listen to as well as naturally spoken; it's beautiful to look at; it's got that great Douglas Fairbanks Jnr.-swashbuckling-film-style ending, and with the fencing up to real speed too; it's got all the pathos and all the humour; and this Hamlet seems young and so full of sheer princeliness, and you love him and cry for him the way WS surely meant you to; and you believe all these characters have the long-standing relationships WS laid down for them. It all makes sense, it's all TRUE. I could go on, but hey we all know.

The Zef. version is well, yes, crap when you try to compare it to the above. Yeah, where was Horatio (and, for that matter Michael Maloney, mikken?)? Where was the ghost's armour? Where was at least half the text, and the right order of it, and the sense of it? What was with Hamlet shagging his mother? And does anyone think Hamlet of all people would actually rip up a book, especially in Zef.'s pre-printing era setting? I can't be much more specific - I'd have to go watch it again and ... no. It's just wrong, and wrong, and wrong.

For your film, children how young? I think the best way would be to have a truly "young Hamlet" actor, close to the age of the audience. About someteen, say 17. Then, of course Ophelia has to be young to match; and Gertrude is probably only in her thirties, and Claudius too, about the age of your audience's own mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts. Costumes should be bright ... but how bright can you go with black ... well shiny maybe. And sets too. All hail Branagh again.

Mind you, I've always wanted to see 'What if Hamlet were a girl?' There's a job for Tom Stoppard maybe. But I've just found out I share my birthdate with Sarah Bernhardt, the first movie Hamlet. Now I feel special.

-- catherine england (, February 07, 2002.


Michael Maloney was half of the R&G team. Which one? Can't remember. I'll bet the Internet Movie Database has that info.

That's another thing - Branagh's R&G were beautifully cast - especially from a physical standpoint. No way to get mixed up with which one is which!

-- mikken (, February 09, 2002.

Seeing as all's pretty quiet on the HAMLET front at the moment, I guess I'll stick this up. I've just found out I also share my birthday with Derek Jacobi. Or he shares his with Sarah Bernhardt. Or something. Something in Libra/Scorpio that breeds Shakespeare nut? Anyhow now I feel super-special. :)

So I'll plug for him: if you're in Australia, try to go see THE HOLLOW CROWN. Don't believe any of the tepid write-ups. Derek Jacobi and Ian Richardson especially are awesome.

Sorry Branagh and Hamlet, but I didn't think you'd mind that.

-- catherine england (, June 12, 2002.

I liked both versions. Branagh's version is truly epic but that doesn't take anything away from the Zef .

-- Steve Seitz (, September 20, 2002.

No .... but Zef.. took such a lot away from HAMLET.

-- catherine england (, October 09, 2002.

Right on, Catherine! Not to mention the time he wasted out of my life while I watched that piece of dreck! Now Branagh - there's a man who does the Bard justice.

-- Casey (, October 09, 2002.

Branagh rocks. He's Irish. He's a big Irish rock. Like the Giant's Causeway. Or something. That film is so great. The fencing! The mirrors! The strange triangular beard! He should work with Stoppard, they could make the screen explode.

-- Luciana Turin (, December 20, 2002.

Now that is a brilliant idea.

-- catherine england (, December 20, 2002.

And my favourite stage direction of all time comes from ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD: enter Hamlet, backwards, talking. How true is that!

-- catherine england (, December 20, 2002.

O God and you guys-THANX- i was in the deepest s--- because i have 2 do an ass. on this exact chat. Danke, Gracias mi amigos!!!H.

-- helen young (, April 26, 2003.

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