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What small simple word has the most definations in the dictionaries? If someone could tell me where to find spellcheck I would turn it on.

-- mitch hearn (moopups@citlink.net), February 04, 2002


I know two that have lots of entries UP and SET. Is it one of those? As far as the problem with spelling, you could compose your messages on a program like Wordpad or MSworks then cut and paste it to here. I know some do that for long entries.

-- Debbie in S IL (dc1253@hcis.net), February 04, 2002.

I dont know what it is,, by NOWHERE in my computer, do I have spellcheck,,, Outlook Express (even the new version),,wordpad,, nothing. Mithc,, did you get your comp from Gateway ??

-- Stan (sopal@net-port.com), February 04, 2002.

It might be under TOOLS, the spellcheck that is. I think the word is *it*.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (me@home.net), February 04, 2002.

I'd never noticed before but from the forums I can't reach my spellcheck either. I do have it on Outlook Express, MS Word and MS Works. Interesting. Oh, my computer did not come from Gateway. I can do any other imaginable thing while on the forum except check my spelling. Guess if that's a problem, you need to compose on MS Word or Works then cut and paste, but that seems like "runnin' around the barn too many times just to get there" to me. Are occasional misspellings a major problem on a forum? I view forums as, mostly, spontaneous things.

-- Rosalie (Dee) in IN (deatline@globalsite.net), February 04, 2002.

Spell check doesn't exist in the forum format, you have to "cut and paste" your entry from Microsoft Word, or Outlook Express, I checked this question out years ago with my computer geek brother!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (annie@1st.net), February 04, 2002.

The word set is correct.

New question: Who was the first person to portray Ronald Mc Donald?

As far as spellcheck goes I did have it when I first sat down at a puter for the first time. I asked my sister to turn it off until I learned the puter better. She did and now its no where to be found.

-- mitch hearn (moopups@citlink.net), February 04, 2002.

Willard Scott?

-- Annie (mistletoe6@earthlink.net), February 04, 2002.

He's our boy!

New question: What major U.S. city has the most unlisted phone numbers in general?

-- mitch hearn (moopups@citlink.net), February 04, 2002.

IS Hollywood considered a seperate city?? If not I will say LA.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (me@home.net), February 04, 2002.

L.A. is correct.

New question: What is the offical name of the pound sign (#)?

-- mitch hearn (moopups@citlink.net), February 04, 2002.

Is it hash.


-- Alison Homa (alisonhoma@hotmail.com), February 04, 2002.

The correct answer is an octothorpe!!

-- mitch hearn (moopups@citlink.net), February 04, 2002.

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