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Well, here is another help for posting in the forum. Ever wonder how people get that bold and italic type? Well, another real easy one using that HTML code stuff again! For BOLD you type: <B> before the word you want to make bold. When you want to change back to regular type you will type </B> .

For ITALICS you type:

<I> before the word you want to make in italics. When you want to change back to regular type you will type </I> .

For instance, lets say you want to give the following directions for a pattern and want to bold and italize the words "do not":

Do not knit any further stitches.

You would type:

<B><I> Do Not</B></I>knit any further stitches.

This is VERY VERY important: Be sure and use those slash (/) brackets. If you don't everything after the

<B> or <I> will be bold and/or italized...including all the other posts after yours in the thread!

That's all there is to it! Go ahead and give it a whirl!

More coming attractions: How to underline, add color fonts and make bulleted lists.

Here's another one to think about and wonder "how did she do that" (I will show you sometime...LOL):


-- Karen (, February 03, 2002


Karen, I am really enjoying your computer lessons. Thanks for sharing with us. Can I ask where you learned all this stuff?

-- Bren (, February 03, 2002.

Have a wonderful day
God bless you
Give thanks,to the Lord above

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, February 04, 2002.

I am glad to help!, how did I learn all this stuff? Well, self taught mostly. Actually, I have also been quite lucky.

Years ago I worked for the Federal Land Bank and we were one of the first offices in America to go completely computerized AND satelite linked. So I had an introduction to early computers. Out went typewritters and all that carbon paper and in came the computers. I became very interested in computers and wanted to know what made them work so I read and took a couple of computer classes and read some more.

Many years later, I became a paralegal - what I now consider my "trade" (we just moved from Florida to a farm in the SW Virginia mountains in July so I got to "retire"..woohooo!!) Before my "retirement" I was lucky enough to have gotten to know our computer tech that we had come to our office for the really hard stuff I couldn't figure out. She taught me an enourmous amount information! So much in fact that our office did not have to call her in for over 2 years - until I retired! Actually, she was soooo busy I think she just taught me all that stuff so she could take a break...LOL. I can usually figure most problems out and, at this point, am pretty sure I could "build" a computer and one of the things I would like to do someday.

Ok, am sure it's more info than you ever wanted to know about let's did I learn HTML??? Oh yeah, actually it was because I was selling on Ebay and wanted to jazz things up a bit. About the same time my boss decided he would like an internet page and since he likes chickens so well ( "cheap" "cheap" "cheap"...LOL) I decided to save him some money and try to design it myself. Well, we ended up having a professional do it cause I really didn't have the time (since he is one of those bosses that think you just pull it out of your....ahhh.. know the type!), but used my designs. It still got me wanting to learn more, so in my spare time I just started reading again and...VOILA -- HTML! Turns out it is one of the easiest things I think I ever learned and I love how it transforms words just like magic! I can do a whole web page now in about less than 3 hours all by myself (that is if I have my "cheat sheet" of codes...I still forget them from time to time)!

Just a note here...what you are really doing when you are using those codes really is a form of computer programing! Now don't you feel sooo smart!!

I am really glad everyone is enjoying the HTML lessons. I was afraid people would think I was showing off or being rude or something -- I certainly don't mean to. I really want this forum to be a nice place and helpful. So many forums start out helpful and end up with just a bunch of people arguing. Crafts and Cooking are relaxations for most of us and this forum is also a place to relax and get help. So, I figured anything that helps us get the instructions or helps in more clear way would be helpful. HTML will help us do that -- get our insturctions out more clearly. Happy crafting and cooking all!

-- Karen (, February 04, 2002.

Really enjoy the lessons that you are giving us about HTML.I have been printing all of your lessons and putting them in a note book for future reference.Glad to have a cooking site like this one. Very helpful. I want to thank all of the people that has submitted information to us. Brenda and Ray The Farm Chesterville,ME

-- Brenda (, February 04, 2002.

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