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hello looking at property around truman lake area - east of osceola maybe - anyone from there? thanks

-- jane harlow (, February 03, 2002


We just bought 20 acres from this realtor..

He sells land around Truman Lake. We bought around Warsaw.

Good Luck

-- Lynette (, February 04, 2002.

I keep comming up with this add on the yahoo search for ozarks land. It looks nice but to far away for me. I am trying to find a place closer to mountain grove missouri because my husband works 12 hr days there. Anyway thought I would pass this url along. 2b+acres/1/T=1012918003/F=4db8b121979ac99f7d87ebfb687c9a7b/*http://www

oh if your are buying by a lake, river or stream make sure it is not in a flood plain or that is dosn't have alot of restrictions for animals because of run off into the water. Good Luck.

-- Teresa (, February 05, 2002.

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